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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

- New Feature:
+ Initial support for Web Camera

- Fixes:
[Main Frame]
* Right-click menu language display problem in installation dialog box
* Scrolling bar displayed in installation interface in some languages
* Path drop-down list width problem in Maxthon Downloader
* Focus problem after closing Print Preview
* Lock Tab problem
* No response caused by js popup windows
- [Webkit Core]
* Supported orbit downloader displaying in page right-click menu
* Sometimes it could not download all links
* Crash problem caused by searching trigonometric functions in Google
* High CPU usage when added some specific links to Quick Access
* HTML5 notifications did not disappear
* Could not invoke Thunder Downloader
* Some wrong blocks in AdHunter
- [IE Core]
* Magic Fill form did not display well
* Could not close the video popup floating button
* Problem related to cookies
- [Extension Platform]
* Improved Extension Platform

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