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Maxthon  Change Log

[New Features]
+ Spell Checker
+ More user-friendly Float Button
+ Offline login support

* Reader Tab Come back
* Fixed a bug in Check Update
* Solved several problem that caused by Maxthon Guardian
* Improved connectivity of Online Favorites
* Fixed a bug that Magic Fill saves wrong URL
* Saved URL data in Magic Fill can now be edited in Setup Center
* Fixed a bug that some icons might cause page content transparent
* Fixed installer error under Windows Vista
* Fixed a display bug when Free Memory exceeds 2GB
* Fixed cannot activate browser window when minimized to taskbar and called by external links
* Fixed shortcut problem on Address Bar drop-down menu
* Modified Upload/Download messages of Collector
* Fixed display problem of some website icons
* Improved tab switching speed
* Improved Screen Capture
* Fixed a Magic Form bug when filling Gender field
* Modified Download Manager selection list in Setup Center
* Added support for Free Download Manager, Flashget 2, Thunder Mini 2
* Fixed case-sensitive problem when renaming Favorites folders
* Fixed sometime Favorites Sync dialog show up when Favorites has no changes
* Improved feedback message of Online Favorites errors
* Fixed Taskbar title won't update after set Sticky Name to a tab (43387)
* Add TCM_HITTEST and TCM_GETITEMCOUNT message support to Tabs
* Fixed Text Label color setting in Skin won't work on some buttons
* Fixed Automatically Clean Search Bar and Address Bar won't work on exit
* Fixed Crash problem of Check Update dialog (47085)
* Added overwrite prompt when drag-drop Tab or Link to Desktop (47435)
* Fixed sometimes Locked Favorites Bar can be moved problem (29570)

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