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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# New Features:
* Sync Center. Added Quick Access option into it.
* Lock Maxthon browser. Supported shortcut key for locking.
* Added "Clear Address Bar History" and "Clear Last Session" into "Clear Browser History"
* Enriched mouse gestures and Shortcut Keys commands.
* Enhanced the experience of Reader Mode.
# Improvements:
* New installation version used MX Classic skin by default.
* Enhanced the compatibility of Reader Mode.
* Reconstructed Ajax request fulfillment to enhance the stability.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Sometimes failed to run Thunder Downloader through Side Bar.
- "Lock Tab" might cause the problem of "Close Others".
- Failed to popup the browser if minimized the it to the tray.
- Boss Key problem related to Clear History.
* Webkit Core
- Mobileme could not work in Ultra Mode.
- Some problems in some map websites with Google API.
- It could still open the page when input illegal address into Address Bar.
* Triden Core
- Failed to close some page popup windows sometimes.
- Failed to drag the text in one input box to another if disabled Drag & Drop.
* User Interface
- Scroll bar might appear when the list of Source Sniffer was too long in that window.
- A redundant "Undo" item in page right-click menu.
* Smart Address Bar
- Sometimes auto-complete might affect users' address input.
* Online Notepad
- Online Notepad date problem.

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