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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# Main Framework
* IP addresses were not accessible withouthttp/https
* after core crashed, Switch Core buttonbecame invalid
* Fav Bar Display Folder was reset afterswitch Skin 2 times

# Webkit Core
* fixed some crashes
* FTP uses Local time now
* problem show thumbnails of
* extension name of .jpg file became.jpeg.jpg when using Quick Save
* unsupported message occurred when loginYahoo! E-mail
* cookie of Facebook etc. caused loginerror messages
* Maxthon could not pick up RSS source of Gmail/Greader etc.

# Magic Fill
* sometimes Magic Fill could not fill inuser names
* when sites are loading slowly, sometimesMagic Fill could overwrite user’sinput
* sometimes cannot record certain types ofE-mail suffixes
* cannot fill in complete forms on somesites

# Smart Address Bar
* after opening a page with Alias, typeEnter in Add Bar in a new Blank Page,the same page would appear again

# Download Mgr
* fixed some download failures

# Resource Sniffer
* Sniffer in Quick Tool Bar could notfigure out the correct HLV file
* sometimes there were no video URLs inResource List
* some videos could not popup

# Data Sync
* when there was a large Online Notepaddata, error 506 occurred in Sync

# Installer
* fixed an error of required disk space

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