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Maxthon Beta


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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# Magic Fill -
- When a form is submitted, a toolbar will show up on the top of webpage asking if the user wants to save the form data for auto completion in future.

# Smart Address Bar -
Smart Address Bar searches browsing history and shows matching results in a formatted menu for more convenient navigation.

# Changelog -

- New:
+ added Magic Fill
+ added Smart Address Bar
+ redesigned Browser Options
+ redesigned Browser History
+ support online Passport Credit accumulation
(no interface yet, can check credit in Passport)

# Improvements -

- Framework:
* improved address bar URL checking
* improved website favicon display
* improved passport login

- UI:
* added favicon in search bar

- Options:
+ added Magic Fill options

- Quick Access:
* search from Quick Access is shown in Quick Access page

- Downloader:
* fixed some crash problems
* task window is not shown when “Cancel” is selected
* new task is shown at top in task window
* unsupported system characters are filtered when new task is created

# Fixes -

- Framework:
* fixed History menu display problem
* fixed an uninstallation problem
* fixed problem that first tab switch from background to foreground state on startup
* fixed address bar go button refresh/stop state problem
* fixed an auto online update problem
* fixed a favorites menu focus problem

- Webkit Core:
* fixed problem that format of selected content is not copied with context menu
* fixed a web page plugin installation problem
* fixed URL and tab loading state display problem of links opened by middle click

- User Interface:
* fixed problem that system buttons do not show button states when all tabs are closed
* fixed search bar dropdown menu display problem after change of language

- Options:
* fixed problem that change to Home Page is not saved when space outside input box is clicked

- Downloader:
* fixed task window scrolling problem
* fixed context menu language problem

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