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Maxthon 3.0.22 Build 2000 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.0.22 Build 2000  Change Log

  • + added customize UI
  • + added Navigation (URL Short Key & URL Alias)
  • + added IE9 standard render mode in Retro Mode (available after install IE9)
  • + enhanced Resource Sniffer, can download images and medias on webpage
  • + enhanced Data Import/Export, can import Maxthon 3 Guest Data and export Favorite to IE
  • + added Compact Mode for Favorite Bar
  • + added Option for Multi-column Display Mode
  • + added Maxthon 2 skin
  • + added IE6 skin
  • + added support for 3rd party downloaders

[Main Framework]

  • Started using new Crash Capture Module


  • Updated skins according to new UI

[Main Framework]

  • Account panel stayed after minimize
  • If run Clear Broswer History upon first browser start-up, options could not be saved

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