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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# New Features:
* New Quick Access
* Supported playing .flv files
* Improved the support for HTML5 datalist
* Updated JavaScript engine
* Added right-click menu into Side Bar extensions
* Added search suggestion into Search Bar
* Proxy white list
* "Always use Ultra Mode" option
* "Don't track me" option
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Search Bar did not work well sometimes
- Some site icons did not display in Quick Access
* Webkit Core
- It did not display the error page correctly
- Gmail Spell Check problem
- Some pages did not display well in Ultra Mode
- Some buttons in the pages did not work
- Could not view or open the folder after saving images by shortcut keys
- The Chinese file names displayed as messy codes in Maxthon Downloader when downloaded from dbank
- Improved the support for text-transform
- Improved Magic Fill to support more pages well
- It said that Maxthon did not support MPEG-4 in html5test page
- Sometimes it did not work well when copied images
- Improved Source Sniffer support for videos in
* IE Core
- Opening a new tab may cause the browser unresponsive
* Extension Platform
- Improved Extension Platform

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