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Maxthon 3.1.7 Build 1000 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.1.7 Build 1000  Change Log

New Features:

  • + Supported HTML 5 feature: drag & drop to upload files in Skydrive and add attachments in Gmail.


  • Enhanced the logic of data syncing.
  • Increased Webkit startup speed.


[Main Frame]

  • Invalidation of clicking tray icons in Task Bar.
  • Redundant links appeared in Navigation History.
  • Failed to save the setting of "Customiza UI" without auto login.


  • Maxthon browser might lose response when runned some programs.
  • Some Webkit crash problems.
  • Improved the compatibility.
  • Disappearance of "Copy" when right clicked some pictures.


  • did not use blank page in Retro Mode.

[User Interface]

  • Display error in Side Bar.
  • Failed to cancel the check in select box of Source Sniffer if checked it with no content.
  • Thunder Downloader UI & language problem.

[Maxthon Thunder Downloader]

  • Solved the problem of high source occupation.
  • Improved the compatibility.

[Source Sniffer]

  • Display problem of downloading in bulk in Source Sniffer.

[Inspect Element]

  • It would be saved as HTML file if right-clicked to save image when opened Inspect Element.

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