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Maxthon 3.3.4 Beta 800 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.3.4 Beta 800  Change Log

New Features:

  • + New Skin mx:Solid.
  • + Add favorite button on the left of address bar.


  • Improved boot speed, 10.3% faster than previous version.
  • Improved the HTML5 audio support
  • Add “Open in new tab” on right-click menu when right click on the link.


[Webkit Core]

  • Fixed some XML HTML page recognition problem.
  • Fixed some crash problems.
  • Solved some page compatibility problems.
  • Fixed an Drag&Drop problem.
  • Fixed process bar cannot display problem when uploading file to Google Docs.
  • Fixed input method error in some specific situation.
  • Fixed website certificate invalid problem.


  • Fixed tab inactive problem sometimes.
  • Fixed tab display problem in some specific skins.
  • Fixed Tamil language display incorrect problem.

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