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Maxthon RC


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Maxthon RC  Change Log

# Improvements

- Main Framework
* optimized startup speed
- Smart Address Bar
* optimized matching logic, and added different icons for different sources
* optimized matching efficiency
- Multi-Search
* added close button to Multi-Search panel

# Fixes

- Main Framework
* fixed problem openning html files with space in file path when set as default browser
* fixed problem under windows 7 that auto hide task bar may not show when maximized
- Webkit Core
* fixed search problem in local and FTP file directory browsing
* fixed problem due to big differential in file download and file writing speed
* fixed erroneous blocking of certain webpages by popup blocker
* fixed display problem of certain webpages
* fixed tooltip display problem in certain webpages
* fixed context menu in inframe
* fixed occasional freezing problem after saving picture
* fixed problem opening new tab after webpage dialog popup
* fixed crash problem browsing certain video websites
* fixed flash position problem when webpage is opened in background
* fixed crash problem when right click on certain images
* fixed problem saving proxy authentication data
- Trident Core
* fixed problem that video full screen does not exit by pressing ESC
- Multi-Search
* fixed problem that Multi-Search panel does not close when navigates to other pages
- Quick Acess
* fixed problem that control buttons on bottom of dial may not work
* fixed flicker problem on startup when Quick Access is not shown
- Developer Tools
* fixed window position problem under dual monitor environment

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