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Maxthon  Change Log

# Improvements:
* Enhanced the startup speed.
* Optimized the gif play.

# Fixes:
* Webkit
- Fixed some page compatibility problems.
- 404 error when used the local pages opened&saved by Maxthon 3 from WebSite-Watcher.
- 404 error caused by transcoding “#” in address bar.
- Failed to popup “save as” window sometimes.
- Unable to use Google+ “Start a Hangout” feature.
- Facebook login window popup bug.
* Main Frame
- Failed to startup the browser in some operation systems.
- Failed to save Sidebar status without auto login Maxthon account.
- A focus problem caused by switching to Maxthon 3 in taskbar.
* User Interface
- A zoom problem.
* Favorites
- Delay of switching between Group and Folder in Favorites.
- Right-click menu of Favorites folders flickered sometimes.
* Maxthon Downloader
- “Unable to connect to the website” info showed when opened a FTP link in Ultra Mode.
* Data Syncing
- Syncing problem of “Edit Blocking Rules”.
* Reader Mode
- Two mouse response problems.
- Enhanced the compatibility.

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