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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# New Features:
* Added Magic Fill button to the tool bar.
* Added "Skins" button to the upper right corner of Maxthon main window. Changed the page turning style of skin manager window to scrolling bar style.
# Improvements:
* Improved the auto-submit logic of Magic Fill. Supported more websites for auto-filling.
* Pages would be shown as what users set in Page Zoom directly in Retro Mode.
* Accelerate the startup speed of Thunder Downloader module.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- One language problem.
- Invalidation of locking Maxthon Browser.
* Webkit Core
- Some crash problems.
- Using "Search inside the page" after selected some words, the search result of "Next" would highlight incorrectly when clicked "Previous" button.
* User Interface
- Sometimes the key words in find box did not change in time when searched inside the page in Ultra Mode.
* AdHunter
- The rules were still copied to the clipboard after canceling "Shared Selected Rules".
- AdHunter might be disabled if added user rules.
* Download
- Sometimes the download tool chosen by users in Maxthon Options could not be used.

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