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Maxthon 2.5.9 Build 1883 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 2.5.9 Build 1883  Change Log

[Float button]

  • Image button and text button added transparent effect
  • Image button can be resized by dragging button edge
  • Image button added “copy image” button
  • Image button added "open in new window" button
  • Text button can copy form
  • Text button can copy selected text and image together
  • Added float button option “show float button on flash and media files” for enable/disable video popup button
  • Input box float button is disabled by default
  • Fixed an image zooming problem
  • Changed image float button position to top left of image
  • Improved image saving speed

[mute browser]

  • Added support to various audio playback
  • Fixed some crash problems in win7 x64 and win2003 sp1 system

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