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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

- simple collector support drag text
- float button
- uninstallation questionnaire
- support new html button plugin
- Ctrl+left click to save images and flash (flv not yet supported)
- multi-row favorites bar ([Favorites] MultiFavBar=1)
- new plugin.ini attribute for unique uid
- RSS support more formats
- adhunter cannot be disabled
- shortcut setup problem
- tab context menu problem
- auto form fill cause page reloading problem
- cannot download forum attachment when download manager is specified
- script error notification not updated after page reload
- popup window cannot be operated when opened with right click
- cannot maximized when windows task bar is docked in left or right, and window frame is not shown
- problem when web page is opened by other applications (partially fixed)
- beta4 interface and text display problem
- problem after feed validation failure
- lost login data when login offline
- cannot show last visited xml after restart
- flickering in Vista when maximized and window frame is not shown
- button not shown when external utilities added to new custom toolbars
- crash when dragging more than 2 local url shortcuts to the favorites bar
- tab is opened in foreground if 10 tabs are already opened in background according to setting
- browser edge not shown completely when maximized after closing the sidebar
- setup center does not show correct state of customed toolbars
- desktop refresh problem when maxthon is minimized
- browser get focus when page is loaded or when file is downloaded by download manager
- browser becomes unresponsive when pdf is browsed
- browser does not get focus when m2l file is double clicked
- ctrl + O shows dialog in behind browser
- multiple password requests when browser is locked and boss key is pressed multiple times
- most favorites not ranking properly until after restartý?br /> - error when entire browsing history is deleted?br /> - download manager cannot monitor .wmv file
- cannot save webpage background image
- some other problems

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