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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

Changes from 2.1.2
[Find In Page] fixed a crash problem when tab is closed
[Mouse Gesture & Shortcut] improved performance under some circumstances
[Mouse Gesture & Shortcut] fixed problem that mouse gesture and shorcut keys work on active tab instead of detached tab
[Installer] added option to view changelog after installation
[Interface] fixed a favicon not shown problem
[Others] fixed problem that after close of reader tab the original tab cannot open new url
[Others] fixed problem that tab becomes transparent after some page visit problems
[Others] fixed some keystrokes handling problems, eg. in flash pages
[FEED] fixed a problem that RSS cannot marked as read
[Maxthon Downloader] fixed problem that download all links may cause multiple Maxthon instances
[AdHunter] fixed a content filter log problem
[Others] fixed problem that the "Open All Links" may not work properly after enabling the "Show Most Favorites Only" option in sidebar

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