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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

* fixed some Flash and ActiveX compatibility problems

* added Sand Box module
* added Private Browsing mode
* added Safe Address
* added EVSSL and related support
* fixed problem that some some http login password not remembered

* default skin icons are used when current skin does not contain relevant icons
* fixed maximize problem under multi monitors

* fixed problem that string searched by drag and drop do not appear on search bar

* added menu and links for online favorites site
* fixed a website icon display problem
* fixed a crash problem when favorites are imported

[Quick Access]
* fixed problem that status bar tips not shown when Quick Access is opened
* fixed a crash problem

[Video Popup]
* fixed popup window title encoding problem on task bar button

[Mute Browser]
* fixed a crash problem

[Multi Touch]
* fixed some tips display problems

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Maxthon Comments

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