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Welcome to the FAQ page:


How do i contribute to OldVersion?

Upload software and help others!

Were not asking you to play the good samaritan! but we do know that theres alot of people out there who so desperatley need that version of software you have lying around somewhere on your computer. You see software developers mostly disregard oldversions of thier software, and that causes problems when the latest version of a particular software doesnt always work. So if you notice we dont hold a particular version of software and you have it, then why not upload it to oldversion? (Read on how to upload software below!

Become a writer:

We are currently looking for eager individuals with a love for both software annd writing! If you think you have something to share with the rest of the software world then why not head over to our blog and submit an article here

Become a financial contributor: uses over 11TB of bandwidth per month and we are rapidly growing. Our hosting bills are able to be covered through advertising revenue at the moment, so we are not at a critical level of asking for financial contributions. However, any financial contributions would be greatly appreciated and would go to financing the development of our site.

Blog/interview about us: has an interesting story to If you’re a journalist who is interested in doing a story on a young entrepreneur battling through the forces of time and passion to realize his dream – then maybe has some value for you. We are at our best in Television interviews, although we’re happy to be interviewed on the radio (we’ve done interviews for C|Net Radio and others) or via email as well.

We’re open to suggestions:

If you have an idea on how to help, which is not listed on the site we’d be happy to hear from you. Simply drop us a line!


How do i upload software?

Firstly you need to be registered, once you have created an account you can begin uploading software by either clicking on the upload software button located on the right of this page or the "contribute" menu tab above.

Once you have reached the upload software page you must fill all the required fields

1.) Select the operating system the software is used for.

2.) then doing your best to select what version of that operatig system its compatible for

3.) Enter the version of the software, which is mostly found in the about section of the software

4.) As an option you can also insert any usefull information you might have about the software

5.) Optionally enter the release date of the software

6.) Finally attach the software file and hit the submit button!

All uploaded software takes between 24 and 48hours to be approved

What is this point system and how do i get rewarded?

If you upload a software you get credited by points, You can use these points to redeem prizes such as the following:

675 points = T-Shirt
2000 points = $30 piece of software
5000 points = $75 gift certificate to your favorite retailer
10,000 points = $150 gift certificate to your favorite retailer
20,000 points = 32GB iPod Touch
35,000 points = netBook
40,000 points = iPad

Try your best to insert correct information when uploading software, as we reward or deduct points depending on the accuracy of the data submitted.

> For every field with correct information 5 points will be awarded

> For every field with incorrect information 5 points will be deducted

> If every field contains correct information a bonus of 50 points will be awarded!