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Maxthon Preview  Change Log

- Add Multi-thread tab, which increase the overall performance greatly.
- Clean private data.
- Add internal Mouse gesture UpLeft,UpRight,Down,Up.
- Add Middle mouse to close tab.
- Add Resume Last session dialog at start up.
- Add/Remove button to toolbar context menu.
- Add Middle click to open link.
- Add "force open in backgroud" button to status bar.
- Add "Open new link" button to status bar.
- Undo list will keep the list across sessions.
- Remember Interface style selection.

- Fixed when lock toolbar, the favorite bar drawing problem.
- Select 'none' for boss key would result in wrong display name.
- Fixed "Reset toolbar would result in translation back to English"
- Fixed "Switch frame/non-frame mode would cause main frame drawing problem"
- Fixed "Address bar drawing problem, when switching from https site to normal site".
- Acclerators work event address bar has focus.
- Fixed a problem that may cause high CPU cost when more tabs are opened.

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