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Maxthon RC


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Maxthon RC  Change Log

[New Features]
+ New Security Guardian
+ New Screen Capture

+ Added Clean Feed History and Search History in Clean Browser History
+ Use Enter key to open the Favorites item wich has the focus
+ Close Resume List tab when all links in Resume List are clicked (The "Auto Close" option must be checked)
+ Delete Search History in History page
+ Enter in Address Bar will not open new tab if the url hasn't changed
+ Added site range selection in Block Page Content
+ Click on Links will have no effect while in Block Page Content mode
+ Automatically upload modified Favorites when exit
+ Re-organized Right-click menu on Favorites

[Bugs Fixed]
* Resume List lost when program crash
* Super Drag&Drop can not download file problem on some websites
* Several issues that might cause crash
* Blank images not remove with Ad Hunter
* Issues that prevent set Maxthon as default browser (including issues on Windows Vista)
* Referer error with Flashget while multi-thread tab is on
* Not show start page when opened by external call
* Improved download method of Favicons
* File Sniffer won't sniff WMA format
* Issues that occur with invalid file format settings
* Issues that affect website filtre range
* "Dont' remind me for 1 week" won't work in Update Notification dialog
* Crash when delete blank website item in Content Filter black list. (40503)
* "Check Links" in Favorites sidebar might cause all links in sidebar disappear (39870)
* Initialization failure when start Maxthon with invalid URLs (39988)
* Click Cancel in Screen Capture Options might cause capture page fail (13735)
* Clean Profile Data flaw in Login dialog (13837)
* Can not select buttons in Add/Remove Button menu on Single-line Favorites Bar, and Hot Items' name is aa (13940)
* Press Esc key in Ad Hunter > Edit Filter List dialog causes dialog turns gray (14049)
* Redirect in current page might cause Address Bar refresh (16748)
* Strange behavior of the Close button of Check Updates dialog (28422)
* Resize Check Updates dialog cause strange lines (30438)
* Maximum Open Tabs number is not correct (18111)
* Favicons display problem in several circumstance (16858)
* Display problem after selecting search engine (28408)
* Delete selected Proxy might cause display error on Proxy status (19516)
* Edit Content Filter Black List & White list will only save displayed one
* Repeat "Capture Current Page" might cause file name error (26873)
* Clean Browser History in Safety Menu can not clean Feed history (26286)
* Issues when operate Favorites bar with keyboard (6401)
* Fixed a bug when overwrite Favorites (39023)
* Super Drag&Drop might cause Open Favorites Items in Background fail when Activate New Tab is checked (13946)
* Combobox is not resizable in "Lock Toolbar" mode * Can not use Ctrl+Arraw to change tabs

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