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Maxthon 3.3.7 Build 1000 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.3.7 Build 1000  Change Log

New Feature:

  • + Updated JavaScript engine.


[Main Frame]

  • Side Bar and Status Bar could be dragged if the browser window was maximized.
  • Quick App exited improperly.
  • Sequence problem of the icons in Side Bar.
  • Incorrect task number displayed in Download Manager.
  • Tab "close" button display problem.

[Webkit Core]

  • Fixed one Inertia-Clickjacking security breach.
  • Several stability problems related to Webkit Core.
  • The username displayed as messy code in
  • Night Mode did not work in some sites.
  • Some page loading problems.
  • Two scroll bar problems.

[Extension Interface of IE Core]

  • Interface problem in Retro Mode.


  • Data import problem.

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