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Maxthon Beta  Change Log

# New Feature:
* Added update of site icons in Favorites
# Improvement:
* Optimized the transcoding efficiency
* Improved the browser start-up speed
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- https security icon display problem
- The tooltip of Safe URL Checker displayed incorrectly
- Tab sync problem
- Improved the interface support for HTML5 Notification
* Webkit Core
- It printed out the incorrect number of copies
- It did not display .mov videos well through Quicktime
- Maxthon Downloader could not download the programs to a shared computer
- It could not invoke the third-party downloader tools
- Supported searching by drag & drop in address bar
- It could not close Maxthon Downloader dialog box by pressing Alt+F4
- Maxthon Download Manager could not save files into network shared path
- It might fail when downloaded to specific paths
- It did not display the correct icon after download completed
- Some pages displayed as messy code
- Source Sniffer could not recognized the video types when downloaded in bulk
* Extension Platform
- Sometimes extension status displayed incorrectly in Extension Manager

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