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Maxthon 3.3.5 Build 600 (Beta) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.3.5 Build 600 (Beta)  Change Log

New Feature:

  • + SkyNote (called Online Notepad before).


  • The auto switching logic of Ultra Mode/Retro Mode.


[Main Frame]

  • Some auxiliary informations in Status Bar could not load properly.
  • No traffic moderating data if logged in Maxthon Account manually.
  • It could not open a new tab when dragged & dropped external links to Maxthon Browser.
  • It could not open .url files with Drag & Drop.
  • Auto Refresh status display problem.
  • It would still open the page if dragged & dropped Favorite items from Favorite Bar to the page and pressed ESC for canceling.
  • UI display problem if changed the DPI of OS to 125%.
  • Freeze problem when dragged & dropped Favorite items for ordering.

[Webkit Core]

  • Some crash problems.
  • Some pages would be displayed as messy codes.
  • Inspect Element display problem.
  • Freeze problem related to applet pages.
  • Right-click menu display problem.


  • Borders were still there after filtered .gif files.

[Extension Platform]

  • Some interface realization problems.
  • js problem of extension's drop-down list.

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