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Opera 9.52


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Opera 9.52  Change Log

Release Notes
Opera 9.52 is a recommended security and stability upgrade.

Changes since Opera 9.51
User Interface
  • Added several improvements to the icons and skin
  • Added a bookmark path to autocompleted bookmarks in the address bar to better distinguish them from visited pages
  • Added a Help button to Engine Init() Failed error message on start-up to inform users about a problem

Mail, News, Chat
  • Fixed an issue where Mark all as read in Opera Mail would also mark as read some mails not visible in the current view
  • Fixed the creation of the POP AOL/ account
  • Fixed a problem with POP accounts where message bodies were not downloaded
  • Added work-arounds for problems with various POP servers
  • Fixed mail appearance when Opera is installed in a folder with a # character in its name
  • Fixed a problem that could occur when opening mail notification popups on a secondary monitor
  • Fixed a problem connecting to
    • Note: Users experiencing problems with should change their incoming server to use Plaintext authentication
  • Fixed a problem updating signature when switching accounts
  • Fixed a problem where UI would not update after unsubscribing an IMAP folder
  • Fixed an issue where IRC would disconnect users without informing them

Display and Scripting
  • Fixed an issue with history navigation: an iframe with document.write is not added to history anymore
  • window.close() now functions after invoking a context menu - now also works in widgets
  • Fixed a URL encoding issue: javascript: URLs
  • Fixed an issue with lists not displaying correctly when text is rendering in RTL
  • Fixed a problem where content blocker adds a generalized block rule when using the Details button

  • Fixed a startup crash that could allow execution of arbitrary code: see our advisory
  • Sites can no longer change framed content on other sites: see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters could be used to allow cross site scripting, as reported by Chris Weber of Casaba Security: see our advisory
  • Custom shortcuts no longer pass the wrong parameters to applications, as reported by Michael A. Puls II: see our advisory
  • Prevented insecure pages from showing incorrect security information, as reported by Lars Kleinschmidt: see our advisory
  • Feed links can no longer link to local files: see our advisory
  • Feed subscription can no longer cause the wrong page address to be displayed: see our advisory
  • Fixed a problem with the CRL override for certificates that do not have a CRL specified: Override was not checked
    • Also fixed related problems of a freeze occuring and a handshake that never completed

  • Fixed a problem where Gmail would not load
  • Fixed the opening of files in external applications when disk cache is off
  • Fixed an issue with low quality on YouTube video previews
  • Embedded YouTube videos should work more often now without having to reload
  • Fixed RealPlayer on BBC
  • Fixed a small memory leak in the BitTorrent code
  • Fixed some translation errors

Windows-specific changes
  • Returned the Windows shell menu to the Transfer context menu
  • Fixed the opening of PDF files in Acrobat Reader plug-in when the folder contains special characters
  • Added a Close Tab entry to the File menu

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