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Opera 9.0


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Opera 9.0  Change Log

Release Notes
  • Opera 9 uses a new account storage format for e-mail. Old mail is not reformatted, but mail received in Opera 9 will not be compatible with previous Opera versions.

  • At a Glance
    • Content blocking
    • BitTorrent support
    • Widgets
    • Search engine editor
    • Site preferences
    • New installer. One package -- 30 languages
    • Integrated source viewer
    • opera:config for advanced settings configuration
    A log of changes since Opera 9 Beta 2 is also available.

    Changes Since Opera 8.54
    User Interface
    • New content blocker -- \"Block content\" option is available from the page context menu.
    • New Opera Widgets feature. Widgets are small Web applications that live outside the Opera window. Use the new Widgets menu or panel to add and manage the widgets of your choice. Learn more about using and creating widgets at
    • Added support for peer-assisted file distribution using BitTorrent.
    • New search engine editor -- \"Create search\" option is available from the search form field context menu.
      • Updated search.ini -- the file version number is now 8. All files with lower version numbers will be overwritten on upgrade.
      • New keyword a for searching with
      • New keyword b for BitTorrent search.
    • Added site preferences feature, available from page context menu, Quick preferences, and collectively from Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content.
    • Terminology update: user interface and help now refer to \"tabs\" instead of \"pages\".
    • Web page thumbnails are now shown when hovering tabs.
    • Keyboard shortcut changes:
      • Ctrl+T opens new tab
      • Ctrl+N opens new window
      • Ctrl+D saves bookmark for current page
      • Ctrl+B does \"Paste and go\"
      • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter to auto-complete address when used in the address field. Relies on server name completion setting, by default adds \"www.\" and \".com\".
      • Added shortcut Esc to deselect text.
    • Available HTML accesskeys are now listed when entering accesskey mode with Shift+Esc.
    • Spatial navigation now requires pressing Enter to change a form field
    • Special local Web page opera:config allows for tweaking advanced settings while Opera is running. See Opera6.ini explained for settings documentation.
    • \'Find in page\' feature now highlights all matches when searching for text on the page.
    • Updated preference dialog. Main changes:
      • New Advanced > Tabs with more tab and Multiple Document Interface options.
      • Improved and simplified cookie preferences.
    • JavaScript console is now Error console and can display messages, warnings, and errors for JavaScript, Java, XML, HTML, CSS, XSLT, SVG, BitTorrent, widgets, network, and mail/chat.
    • Added support for saving and opening Web archives (.mht files).
    • \"Save as HTML file with images\" now gathers external files in one folder.
    • Major improvements to pop-up blocker.
    • Grouping by date and site to the History panel and manager.
    • New styles for opera:about, opera:cache, opera:history, opera:plugins, file: view, error pages, and Info panel.
    • Default mode for \"Cycle without showing list\" is now visible tab order, and minimized tabs are included.
    • User CSS is now enabled by default in Author mode.
    • Bookmarks exported to HTML are now in the Netscape Bookmark File Format, making them compatible with Yahoo bookmarks, Scuttle, MyBookmarks, etc.
    • Added option to re-parse invalid XML documents as HTML when XML parsing has failed.
    • Removed \"Hide certain-sized elements\" stylesheet.

    E-mail and news
    • Improved IMAP backend.
    • IMAP messages are removed from local store when removing account.
    • New customizable mail header display.
    • \"View all message headers\" replaced by \"View all headers and message\" in message context.
    • Added smiley menu to chat and mail toolbars.
    • Added warning when sending mail without a subject.
    • Up/down arrows no longer select next/previous messages in e-mail and news views when the message view has focus.
    • Fix for format=flowed sending incorrectly formatted content.
    • Fix for sending mail with iso-2022-jp encoding.

    • Added support for Atom 1.0.
    • Added support for importing and exporting feed lists in OPML format, using File > Import and export.
    • Improved handling of photo newsfeeds -- external embeds are now allowed in newsfeeds when selecting \"Display > Prefer HTML\", and are not disabled when the \"Block external elements\" preference is set.

    • Added CTCP flood protection.
    • DCC file transfers and chat room invites now displayed as links in a private chat window.

    • Multiple rendering fixes. Opera now passes the Acid2 test.
    • SVG support increased to 1.1 basic.
    • Support for keyboard navigation in SVG.
    • CSS 3: Added support for attribute and UI selectors and for opacity. Added support for -o-text-overflow:ellipsis, synonymous to text-overflow:ellipsis.
    • CSS 2.1: Multiple fixes for selectors and pseudo elements. Updated display:inline handling on tables according to upcoming specification update.
    • Added support for Web Forms 2.0.
    • Removed support for XML namespaces in HTML documents.
    • Added support for xml:id.
    • Allowed positioned elements to appear in front of iframes and objects.
    • Improved CSS error handling.
    • Printed pages will now use background from print stylesheets rather than screen stylesheets.
    • Several fixes for bi-directional text.
    • Several improvements to ERA/fit to width.
    • Fixed handling of backgrounds in fieldsets.
    • @import now supported in user stylesheets.
    • Support for media queries in @import rules.
    • Removed box model quirk (box-sizing:border-box;) in quirks mode.
    • HREF attributes no longer converted to absolute URLs in DOM and CSS.

    • Body element now uses margin instead of padding by default.
    • UL/OL elements now use padding instead of margin by default.
    • DD elements now have a smaller indent.
    • Use default handheld font size for handheld stylesheets.
    • Form default margin-top is now 0, and margin-bottom now 1em.
    • Several changes to the default margin and padding of legends and fieldsets.

    • Extended support for displaying EXIF image data. Select \"Image properties\" from image context menu.
    • Added support for YCCK and CMYK formats in JPEG images.

    • Added support for XSLT 1.0 and the XSLTProcessor constructor.
    • Added support for XPath 1.0.
    • Added support for DOM level 2 Style Sheets and associated parts of DOM level 2 CSS.
    • Implemented designMode for rich text editing.
    • Added support for the CONTENTEDITABLE attribute and contentEditable property.
    • Implemented support for canvas, as described in the Web Applications 1.0 draft, as well as the opera-2dgame context.
    • Added support for Audio, as described in the Web Applications 1.0 draft.
    • Multiple improvements to XMLHttpRequest support.
    • Added support for onmousewheel events.
    • Added support for document.load and document.adoptNode.
    • Added window.getSelection and associated methods.
    • Improved handling of offsetTop, offsetLeft, and offsetParent.
    • Removed support for \"javascript:\" URLs in CSS.
    • Pages using certain JavaScript events will reload when visited in history. A knowledge base article is available.

    • TLS 1.1 and TLS Extensions are enabled by default.
    • The security bar is now grayed for sites using an encrypted connection, that have a low security rating.
    • Upgrading will automatically disable 40 and 56 bit SSL/TLS ciphers.
    • Fixed SSL negotiation problem for servers that do not tolerate TLS 1.0 version in the record protocol of the client hello.

    • Added Netscape Plug-in API extensions developed by browser and plug-in vendors.
    • Some plug-in content will now require you to click before you can interact with it.

    • Changed default user agent string to identify as Opera.
    • Moved \"Identify as\" settings to site preferences and added options to mask user agent string as Mozilla or Internet Explorer.
    • Site patching can now download certain site preferences as well as Browser JavaScript and user agent overrides.
    • The [Adv User Prefs] section of opera6.ini has been renamed to [Network].

    Windows-specific changes
    • New MSI installer
      • Simplifies network installations
      • 30 languages in one package: The international MSI package contains US English, Japanese, German, Polish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Latin-American and European Spanish, Canadian and European French, Italian, Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkisk, Punjabi, Croatian, Lithuanian, Frisian, and Georgian.
      • Note: Norwegian nynorsk, Punjabi, Canadian French, Frisian, Georgian, and Lithuanian are not supported during installation. On first startup, go to Tools > Preferences > General and use the drop-down to switch to one of these languages.
    • Flash is no longer bundled in the Windows installer.
    • When first run, Opera will attempt to import bookmarks from the default browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are supported.
    • Initial support for NTLM authentication.
    • Added new startup arguments: \"Opera /ScreenWidth 800 /ScreenHeight 600\" will change the screen resolution to 800 by 600 until Opera quits, then it is reset to the previous values.
    • Font selection now works correctly when more than 1024 fonts are installed.

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