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Opera 6.00


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Opera 6.00  Change Log

At first glance
  • New start-up dialog
  • SDI/MDI mode
  • New default skin and button set
  • Unicode Worldwide Character Standard support
  • Hotclick
  • Hotlist panels
  • Personal bar
  • New set of help files
  • Enhanced image rendering, with full support for PNG alpha transparency
  • Support for international URLs

  • Installer creates an \"opera6.ini\" file, which is used by Opera 6.0
  • The default write directory has been changed from \"c:\\opera\" to the directory in which Opera is installed
  • Opera only imports \"opera.ini\" settings from a previous installation of Opera if installed to the same directory

User Interface
  • Support for both MDI and SDI
  • Personal bar with bookmarks, search fields, and drag-and-drop support
  • New in-line \"Find-in-page\" search field
  • New powerful drag-and-drop Page bar in SDI mode
  • Panels can be added to (and removed from) the Hotlist
  • Quick preferences added, with instant access to important settings
  • Improved skinning functionality
  • Possible to search bookmarks
  • Bookmarks icon changes color to indicate visited links
  • Added \"Open\" and \"Save\" buttons to full button set
  • The e-mail, instant messaging, and news clients can be turned off in \"Preferences\" (requires restart)
  • \"Preferences\" has been reorganized and some dialogs changed
  • (Ctrl+Tab) makes switching between document windows easier
  • Fix for documents with no scrollbars
  • Scrollbars added to Hotlist panels
  • Added support for personalized icons in Contacts list
  • View buttons added to clients
  • Space saving options to show or hide details added to clients
  • Fixes for moving back and forth in history
  • Brand name added in \"opera:about\" for customized versions
  • Improved borders when zooming
  • A \"go to homepage\" command will open the \"set homepage\" dialog if no homepage is set
  • Shift-clicking on a window bar will close the window
  • Focus fixes
  • New \"Import\" and \"Export\" menu entries under \"File\"
  • It is now possible to choose not to show the validation upload warning
  • \"Button bar\" is now called \"Main bar\"

  • New CSS parser with Unicode support
  • Full support for WML 1.2
  • Full PNG support

Speed and Memory Optimization
  • Improvements to Bookmark manager
  • ECMAScript optimizations
  • When 9x systems run low on resources, Opera will give a warning
  • Enhancements to cache and cookie control
  • Improved display speed

  • Option to import e-mail from a Microsoft Outlook Express account
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) support is added for POP and SMTP
  • Semicolon can be used to separate recipients

  • General improvements to zooming
  • Pressing [F12] opens Quick preferences
  • Active bookmark folder menu is opened when [Ctrl+Alt+A] is pressed
  • Pressing [Esc] in the URL field sets focus to the document
  • Backspace goes back in history
  • Pressing [Shift+F7] sets focus to personal bar
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to back [Alt+Z] and forward [Alt+X] drop-downs
  • Added keyboard shortcut for uploading document to validator [Ctrl+Alt+V]
  • Pressing [Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V] validates document in the background
  • Pressing [Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H] opens \"History\" in the background

Read about keyboard navigation in Opera, or press [Ctrl+B], for a detailed list of shortcuts.

ECMAScript and JavaScript
  • General improvements
  • CGI arguments can be chopped off the URL returned by \"location.pathname\"
  • Support for \"window.print()\" has been added

Instant Messaging
  • Address field possible to change only when adding new account
  • Fix to \"Always be visible to this contact\"

  • New help files
  • New \"Tip of the Day\" file
  • New \"Readme\" file (replaces the \"Install\" file)
  • New \"Start-up\" file

  • Improvements to the Web language dialog
  • User defined language works better

  • New start-up dialog with MDI/ SDI option, exit dialog off by default
  • Possible to run more than one instance of Opera, provided the instances do not write to the same files
  • Full support for LiveConnect
  • Proxy settings can be automatically configured
  • Improved support for \"IFrames\"
  • The \"plugin-ignore.ini\" file can be used to tell Opera to not load certain plug-ins
  • A search performed in one window can be redone in another window (F3)
  • Minor fixes to \"copy and paste\" functionality
  • Option added to open pop-up windows in the background (drop-down)

New since the beta release
  • Print selection added (text only)
  • Improvements to \"copy and paste\"
  • Use [Ctrl+Alt+PageDown] and [Ctrl+Alt+PageUp] to switch between pages inside an SDI window
  • Mouse gesture DOWN (open link in new page) works in the banner window
  • Pressing [ESC] in the Personal bar sets focus back to where it came from
  • The installer skips the language and country dialog if these variables are already set
  • Help files are updated
  • Skin images can be defined in \"buttons.ini\"
  • Resource savings on Win9x, especially with maximized windows in MDI or many pages in SDI
  • More speed optimization and improvements to memory and resources usage
  • Fixes to some printing issues
  • Fixes to some focus issues
  • Fixes to other known issues

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