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Opera 9.02 Beta (Build 8573) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 9.02 Beta (Build 8573)  Change Log

- Lots of stability fixes
- -Support for the Windows XP Media Center Edition remote control
- Several fixes to saving of images
- HTML editing in Wordpress and TinyMCE makes content no longer disappear
- Page title is now shown (again) under name column in History
- Fixed functionality on the new Flickr Organizer
- It is now possible to stop a newsfeed checking for updates
- Fixed Site Preferences & content blocker being greyed out on some sites
- Properties in Contacts and Bookmarks panel do not get disabled anymore
Opera no longer crashes when trying to save a downloaded file to a full disk
- Files can now be attached to e-mail messages if the file is read-only
- Fixed crash with
- Telnet links now open in terminal by default

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