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Opera 12.00 (Beta 1) (x64)  Change Log

Out-of-Process Plug-ins

Opera now runs plug-ins as a separate process, allowing for more control when a plug-in misbehaves. This feature will enhance security and stability.

  • For more information about why out-of-process plug-ins are important please see our article describing the feature.

64-Bit Mac and Windows Versions

The 64-bit version of Opera will offer performance improvements for some functions and allow Opera more freedom in allocating memory.


The new Opera skinning system will allow background image, colorization, and which parts of the UI are shown to be modified.

  • For more information about how themes work please see our article on the new theme system.

Address Field Enhancements

Numerous improvements to the address bar have been made:

  • Improved address field and address bar drop-down suggestions
  • Smart URL shortening in the address field drop-down
  • The page title and the page excerpt will be used for full page search results
  • URL and page content columns in the address field drop-down have been combined

Experimental Full Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows Opera to offload graphics rendering from the processor (CPU) to the graphics card (GPU), making graphics intensive operations such as animations faster.

  • This feature is disabled by default. To enable it you may set EnableHardwareAcceleration to 1. WebGL (which takes advantage of Hardware Acceleration) can be enabled by setting EnableWebGL to 1.

Opera Unite, Opera Widgets, and Opera Voice Discontinuation

Unite, Widgets, and Voice will be off by default in 12.00 beta, and will eventually be phased out of the Opera browser in the future.

  • To find out more, please see our announcement regarding this.

Right-to-Left (RTL) Script Support Added, Language Support Expanded

RTL support will bring additional stability for certain languages. Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic languages added.

Window and Tabs API

Extensions will now be able to interact with tabs, create tab groups, and manage windows.

Web Specifications Support

Opera 12.00 beta will include changes in the Opera Presto 2.10 engine up to core-integration-point 289.


Initial support for real-time communication has been added. Allowing the source of HTML5 <video> to be set to the user's webcam.</video></p>

  • See our web specifications support on this item for more information

HTML5 Drag and Drop

Drag and drop enables webpages to have elements that the user can drag from one page to another, or from their desktop to the webpage.

  • See our web specifications support on this item for more information

CSS3 Animations and Transitions

Support for animations and transitions has been updated and expanded.

  • See our web specifications support on this item for more information

Do Not Track

Added support for the Do Not Track (DNT) HTTP header.

  • See our article about implementing DNT for more information.

Paged Overflow

An innovative new set of CSS constructs that allow webpages to be split up into paged media, revolutionizing the Web reading experience.

  • See our web specifications support on this item for more information


General and User interface

  • Start-up and session handling performance improvements
  • Zoom level indicated in the status bar on start up
  • Include "detected language/writing system" in Info panel
  • PageDown / Up scroll amount now depends on window size
  • Redirected links not remembered as visited across sessions
  • Changes to how Password Manager stores passwords
  • Upgrade SQLite to 3.7.9
  • A way to see which tab is making Opera slow or unresponsive opera:cpu
  • Include non-direct image decoding in the right tab in opera:cpu so that it is not listed in Other

Display and Scripting

  • Stability improvements
  • Translation updates
  • Update the Media Queries implementation to latest draft
  • Increase and unify precision for most CSS length properties
  • Support Uint8ClampedArray
  • CSS import test takes too long to load
  • New XMLHttpRequest responseType "json"
  • Make Array.prototype.{join, concat} faster
  • Expose readonly properties per WebIDL (like
  • Improve parseInt performance
  • Support structured cloning and Transferables
  • Support HTMLInputElement.width and HTMLInputElement.height
  • xx-small font size is now the same as other browsers
  • Make a leading BOM (Byte Order Mark) authoritative (overriding HTTP)
  • Slight JS performance increase
  • about:blank not blank enough
  • Expose buffered ranges in <video controls=""></video>
  • Enable the stream functionality in the multimedia cache: media files to be streamed instead of downloaded to disk

Mail, News, Chat

  • Improve position and animations of mail overlay dialogs
  • Numerous improvements to the mail compose window, including RTL support and the ability to open and edit attachments.
  • Added support for Yahoo IMAP
  • Add option to set default outgoing account in the options dialog
  • Add support for RFC 2971 - IMAP4 ID extension
  • MAPI support added


General and User interface

  • Opera Link fixes and synchronization improvements
  • Files set to open with default application lead to error after the default program is uninstalled
  • Opera's task tray icon is not recreated when Windows explorer is restarted
  • Tab Stack skin is missing one inset pixel on top
  • Text in Preferences -> Search configuration dialog is misleading
  • Shortcut action "Manage Keyboard" crashes Opera
  • Extensions could potentially update to the same version
  • Active dialogs are sent to foreground of all applications
  • Memory fixes for automatic updates
  • Strings don’t fit on Select skin button
  • Missing hover effect for some protocol buttons
  • Searching from the address bar fails if the query begins with a server name on the network
  • Opening new tab opens a window instead after closing a window with 2+ tabs
  • Remove UTF-7 from Encoding menu
  • Zoom slider for Speed Dial range fixed
  • Control–clicking search bar suggestions opens two tabs in background
  • Buttons in Content Blocker Toolbar aren't visible when browser window width is too small
  • Freeze when pasting long string into address bar
  • Quick find in Bookmarks Manager doesn't work when a folder is selected in the left column before performing a search
  • Icon not found when an extension has folder-based localization
  • Don't show login dialogs when fetching favicons on upgrade
  • Crash on start up related to bookmarks
  • Ctrl+Backspace only removes the slash in an URL, and not the correct part of the path name
  • Page not left-clickable after closing a tab with middle-click and accidentally pressing right-click at the same time
  • Auto-completes URLs even after they have been deleted from history
  • Start Bar Remains in View after address bar is removed
  • Preference changes are not saved immediately
  • Title of secure pages stored in global_history.dat lost when starting Opera
  • Address field drop down does not show matches for page titles or address for https pages or with no-store, no-cache
  • Zoom in/out in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys
  • Unite apps removed after failure to start using opera:unite
  • Remove possibility to not fallback to the default skin
  • Severe slowdown with urlfilter.ini and data:image
  • Opera doesn't prompt for user/pwd for proxy https
  • Crash on reloading of multiple origin camera test
  • EventSource fails in widgets due to CORS check
  • Broken .oex file causes Opera freeze
  • Turn off default preference for SSL false start
  • Download detected as .zip and extension is changed when saving, breaking the intended filename/use
  • Cut and Paste text does not paste cut text under certain conditions
  • non-BMP character in URL is not correctly displayed in status bar
  • Opera cannot read zip files created with bsdtar or zip64 files
  • Does not handle dates past 2038 even when time is 64 bit
  • Opera crashes if the english.lng file is missing
  • Opera crashes when closing page while it is scrolling
  • 'Close all tabs' setting in delete private data dialog doesn't close windows with just Speed Dial tab
  • Hovering the close button on Speed Dial steals its hover state, while it should propagate it.
  • Page zoom resets when opened in background tab
  • Long Russian text in address bar crashes opera
  • Fix for languages with more than one plural tense

Display and Scripting

<link />
  • Fixes to the tab/window extensions API
  • Various Dragonfly related fixes
  • Sites listed in Jump List show no favicon at all
  • Error when using preferred fonts and colors on some webpages
  • Spell-checker incorrectly shown as enabled for single-line input fields
  • innerHTML in XML doesn't output namespace declarations correctly
  • Line numbers of stack traces of inline elements are reported relative to the SCRIPT tag
  • line-height: 0 prevents text selection
  • onconnect event.source.postMessage(); throws Unhandled DOMException: INVALID_STATE_ERR
  • Surrogate pairs should not work in CSS escape sequences
  • Crash related to changing geolocation site permission
  • E.dataset locks if Object.keys is applied before E.setAttribute
  • <input /> attribute size default != 20
  • Follow spec for String.prototype.split(undefined)
  • Pseudo Element is not removed from DOM after removing a class that was required for it
  • Correctly support TypedArray(TypedArray array)
  • Canvas fillText incorrectly centers text when using font outlines
  • Canvas: shadow prevents subsequent fill
  • Crashes on pages with invalid character encodings
  • Some elements are rendered into the BackgroundImage buffer twice
  • Incorrect cache resolution over string values
  • Calling preventDefault() on non-cancelable events should have no effect
  • Setting "border-radius" to "inherit" fails
  • Freeze on absolute positioned textarea with wrap=off adjacent to block element with auto overflow
  • Absolute positioned box with auto margin-top and explicit top,bottom, margin-bottom is misplaced
  • The new ecmascript timer code can hang under certain conditions
  • Drop XML (application/x-www-form+xml) form encoding
  • Do not paint default document background under image objects such as svg (the background should be transparent)
  • Constants on Node interface are writable and configurable
  • Constants on DOMException interface have writable and configurable set to true
  • drawImage(video) aspect ratio correction must use float arithmetic
  • Animated SVG with display: none trigger slow repaint of the whole view
  • selectionStart/selectionEnd after value change don't work correctly in a text field
  • Text inside button with display:block is selectable
  • setAttribute('dir') resets selection, position in inputs
  • XHR POST with explicit content-type and no entity body fails
  • Synthetic keypress events exhibit flaky failures
  • XHR firing error event on response status codes != 200
  • CSS cursor rule is not working on <input /> elements
  • Gstreamer initialized on every page load
  • bgcolor=transparent (on ) is not ignored
  • window.close should fail if window was not opened by script
  • HTML DOM changes made to in svg document through script are not visible
  • Wrong status code is given in the onreadystatechange handler for XMLHttpRequests (XHR2, CORS) to targets from other origin
  • XMLDocument has no elementFromPoint
  • Box-shadow with offset and negative spread radius affects scrolling performance
  • In regex \s incorrectly does not match BOM
  • Validation error on submitting form with input type="number" with value 5210000010001001
  • External JSON.stringify() testsuites failures
  • ed stylesheet with @import moves floated objects out of container on load, reload, refresh
  • When a numeric or date input is hidden, then later has its value cleared and is displayed again, the old value is restored
  • Origami 3D Engine is slow in Opera
  • currentColor gets handled as invert on outline-color property
  • document.lastModified should return current time if not known
  • Style tags in SVG embedded in HTML5 are ignored
  • A gif animation stops at fourth frame in Opera
  • Sub-tree with character data (text or comments) in it is inserted into an element twice, causing performance problems
  • Running while statement with exec on regexp which has been created with compile fails to step through matches
  • Border-radius shorthand can't be removed with removeProperty()
  • Opacity ignored for inline-block transform rotated to a certain angle)
  • 'transform' attribute on element is ignored after animateTransform is removed
  • Bad webfonts cause never-stop-loading
  • Element remains in active state after doubleclick
  • CSS white-space property values other than 'nowrap' not handled in MultilineEdit
  • Traversing DOM, running cloneNode and setting innerHTML en masse spikes CPU
  • Crash when running IDNA2008 tests
  • Unicode space like characters should not be converted to SPACE (U+0020) in document title
  • Linear gradient is visually broken
  • XML parsing failed when saving XHTML document with images
  • :not(.a).b and :not(#a)#b don't match when they should
  • Wrong box-shadow calculations
  • Opera hangs on submitting forms which were changed by JS
  • SVG mask transparency inserted via javascript does not work
  • if(top.document) should not work crossdomain
  • 'list-style-type: none' affects CSS Gradients but not other images
  • Don't allow iframes to embed parent document in iframe with src="#" (caused freezing/memory usage)
  • Web SQL database - big int column not being returned correctly
  • Shrink to fit float next to another float gets pushed down by unnecessary scrollbar in overflow:auto ancestor
  • Percentage-height image not propagating width to percentage-height shrink-to-fit ancestor
  • Unstyled content in certain pages with multiple stylesheets
  • Event.prototype should have constants AT_TARGET, BUBBLING_PHASE, CAPTURING_PHASE, etc.
  • Incorrect 'inset' box-shadow if border-top-width=0 xor border-left-width=0
  • If max-width is used for absolutely positioned element with zero offsets and auto margins, the margins are incorrectly set to zero
  • FileReader API - The last "progress" event sometimes fires after "load" and "loadend" events
  • Cookies added via AddCookie don't show up in JS ([removed])
  • Submit event wrongly fired BEFORE client-side validation in HTML5 forms
  • Reload (or refresh from cache) of the document with objects does not preserve position
  • x-mac-ukrainian not supported
  • Character encoding of cached stylesheet not re-evaluated for new referring document
  • Dynamically applied text-shadow is clipped
  • Don't fire timeupdate if a timeupdate handler is still running
  • Punctuation class Pc should not be included in ::first-letter
  • JavaScript -><textarea>s -> onscroll event inoperative</li> <li>Text selection in document edit handles a surrogate pair as two characters</li> <li>initEvent on dispatched event must have no effect</li> <li>Number.prototype.toString() not accurate for large numbers and radix not equal to 10</li> <li>If !important is not followed by a semi-colon, not only the next declaration is dropped, but the following rule as well</li> </ul> <p><strong>Mail, News, Chat</strong></p> <ul> <li>Cleanup padding in messages for small screens</li> <li>New warning strings when failing to attach files to a mail</li> <li>Reset Mail view setting 'time period' on upgrading from pre-12 versions.</li> <li>'No images' setting lost after selecting another message</li> <li>Crash on searching for e-mails</li> <li>Scrollwheel/arrow keys don't scroll the message area when focus is on message padding</li> <li>Buttons on message toolbar should apply to mail selected in message pane, not list pane</li> <li>MHT files should not get the extra margins</li> <li>Crash when creating account</li> <li>Grouping dialog checkbox can't be clicked when using two screens</li> <li>De-select show sent mails resets/doesn't work.</li> <li>Copy contact from header widget doesn't copy name, only address</li> <li>Group headers have no top border when list is on top</li> <li>Account update spinner on mail panel sections doesn't always disappear</li> <li>Quick Reply text field content lost after switching messages</li> <li>Subjects in message list is displayed scrambled in list on the side</li> <li>Crash when quitting Opera with Mail initialization dialog opened</li> <li>Mail print preview should use the full mail window height</li> <li>Responding to HTML mail should respond as HTML mail even when default is plain-text</li> <li>Fix for Unicode attachment filenames in mail causes corrupted filenames in some clients</li> <li>Convert hex to unicode fails to work in mail compose/designmode</li> <li>Compose window header fields get hidden even if there is content in them</li> <li>Reply-To field in mail compose does not auto-complete/suggest addresses</li> <li>Cannot enable spell checking of email subject</li> <li>"Send by mail" from selected text should add the URL to the compose window</li> <li>Mail compose window unusable with black windows theme</li> <li>Don't hide compose window fields on switching 'From' account to and from a newsgroups account</li> <li>Editing Preferences while composing a plain text message causes the HTML toolbar to appear</li> <li>Can't copy/move mail between two accounts if mail separator is selected</li> <li>Make Attachment field keyboard accessible in tab sequence</li> </ul> <p><strong>Network and Site-Specific</strong></p> <ul> <li> Errors when using the dojo amd loader</li> <li> getComputedStyle font-size of element with pointer-events rule fails</li> <li> photo images show partially</li> <li> Unusual network event sequences on some requests</li> <li> social plugin: Unable to login - window.close after document.domain</li> <li> Crash on webgl demo</li> <li> Input problems from internal ES class name</li> <li> Doesn't load after login (Unicode issue)</li> </ul></textarea></li>

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