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Opera 9.0 Beta 8225


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Opera 9.0 Beta 8225  Change Log

- Fixed so upload in BitTorrent doesn't send corrupt data. Some changes to improve the speed.
- Changed feed notification icon.
- Fixed crash when searching in opera:config
- The [Adv User prefs] section of opera6.ini and opera:config has been renamed to [Network].
- Removing button on one toolbar now removes from all open tabs not just active one.
- Fix to allow nested forms.
- Added widget error reporting to the error console.
- Possible fix for buttons not working on GMail.

Known issues:

- Saving preferences in opera:config, while any file path preference contains a string with spaces, can cause the paths to become corrupted, or multiple warning dialogs to be displayed. You are advised not to use opera:config in this release, or the previous weekly release.
- Might crash in some cases when switching between tabs with the mouse.

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