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Opera 8.50


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Opera 8.50  Change Log

Release Note
This release is a recommended security upgrade.

At a Glance
  • Advertisement banner removed
  • Registration options removed
  • Updated end-user license agreement
  • Browser JavaScript fixes broken Web sites on the fly

Changes since 8.02
User interface
  • Removed advertising banners and all dialogs and menus related to advertising, registration, and license codes.
  • Solved issue with Opera reverting explicit user setting to use program as handler rather than plug-in.
  • Removed support for branded banners.

  • Fixed issue reported in Secunia Advisory 16645: Attachment URLs now used instead of cache URLs for viewing attachments.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop vulnerability allowing unintentional file uploads. Issue reported by
  • Improved handling of must-revalidate cache directive for HTTPS pages.
  • Fixed display issue with cookie comment encoding.

  • Included Browser JavaScript by default. On first run after install/upgrade, Opera will fetch a fresh browser.js file and start using it.
  • Multiple stability fixes.

Opera 8 Builds

Opera Comments

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