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Opera 9.21


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Opera 9.21  Change Log

Release Notes
This release is a recommended security upgrade. See the Security section for additional information.

Changes Since Opera 9.20
User Interface
  • New shortcut \'ya\' for searching with Yahoo! Answers.

  • The onunload event is no longer fired if a new URL is entered manually via the address bar or bookmarks.
  • Fixed a bug where User JavaScript on HTTPS would keep prompting to be allowed to run on a page.
  • Fixed a crash caused by long object descendant property chains in JavaScript.

  • Fixed a buffer overflow with malformed torrents, as reported by iDefense. See the advisory.

  • Stability fix for torrents.

Windows specific
  • Fixed support for the WMP for Firefox plug-in.
  • Corrected plug-in paths.
  • PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) setting is now read from system.

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