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Opera 9.10


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Opera 9.10  Change Log

Release Notes
This release of Opera introduces Fraud Protection.

This release is a recommended security upgrade. See the Security section for additional information.

Changes Since Opera 9.02
User interface
  • Fixed handling of access keys on Web pages with frames.

Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds
  • Fixed an instability connected with delayed entry of the Master password.
  • Deleting of newsfeeds in the panel now both unsubscribes and deletes.

Display and scripting
  • Improved performance for elements with both :focus and :hover.
  • Fixed an issue with opacity on links that have images nested within them.

  • New Fraud Protection feature (a phishing filter).
  • Changed Wand data to a new format. The upgrade to this new format is not reversible.
  • Fixed a vulnerability in createSVGTransformFromMatrix (JavaScript, SVG). See the advisory.
  • Fixed a vulnerability due to malformed JPEG images. See the advisory.

  • Multiple stability issues solved, including crashes on Gmail and Google Maps.
  • Changed the Mozilla User Agent string to include Firefox identification.
  • Improved handling of Web site logins on slow connections.
  • Cancellation of torrent downloads now functions as expected.

Windows-specific changes
  • Multimedia keys now function as expected when Opera has focus.
  • Enabled loading of Windows Media plugins when Java is turned off.

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