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Opera 7.11


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Opera 7.11  Change Log

User interface features
  • Added \"Redo\" to edit menus; \"Load image\" and \"Open image\" added to image context menu
  • Closing with active downloads triggers a confirmation dialog
  • Session file always saved after opening and closing windows
  • Skinable progress also in transfers panel
  • Made center/end ellipsis configurable ([User Prefs] Ellipsis In Center=0|1 , 0 is default)
  • Toolbars:
    • Personal bar appears beside banner if there is enough room
    • New \"Identify as\" widget (drag from \"Customize toolbars\" dialog)
    • Drag and drop on locked toolbars not allowed
  • SDI (open pages in new windows) mode:
    • Bookmarks do not open in new window when \"Reuse pages\" is checked
    • Automatic offset of windows in SDI mode
  • Fix for issues with Ask cookie dialog
  • Bookmarking improvements
    • Use link text instead of document title for \"add link to bookmarks\"
    • Include #fragment in URL when bookmarking a link
    • Fixed a Netscape bookmarks import issue
    • Fixed potential problem when adding bookmarks with very large description

  • Improved automatic selection of international fonts
  • New \"Show Web Search\" and \"Delete to end of line\" actions
  • Improvements to Cookie/Wand manager dialog
  • Fixed issue with keyboard selection when saving mouse and keyboard settings
  • Made changing action from filetype box via download dialog stick

Usability and accessibility
  • Added Alt+Home shortcut for Homepage
  • Press Ctrl+L to show link pop-up menu (after selecting a link with the keyboard)
  • The GoTo dialog and search boxes support Shift and Ctrl+Shift when pressing Enter and when clicking the \"Ok\" button
  • A middle-mouse-button click opens a document in a new page when clicking on an entry in the Links, History, and Bookmark panels, or on the Personal bar
  • Ctrl+Shift+middle-mouse-button click on pagebar will open new page in background

M2, Opera\'s new e-mail and news client
  • Improved readability of e-mail filters
  • Fixed issue with spam filter when you are in your own contacts list
  • Remove temporary account when import is finished
  • SMTP: CRAM-MD5-support; always use HELO as EHLO-fallback
  • Allow quote character in incoming e-mail adresses
  • Bcc is never sent in SMTP and NNTP

Privacy and security
  • Mask password in URLs in various places
  • Support for \"Clear bookmark visited time\"
  • Fixed possible buffer overruns for (illegal) long filenames, as reported by Secunia
  • Fixed JavaScript issue reported by Nesumin and commented on by Secunia

More features
  • Added support for the ALINK attribute
  • Various improvements to DOM support
  • Increased wait-for-styles timeout from 0.5 to 2.0 seconds (FOUC)
  • Replace non-breaking spaces with a regular space in text copied to clipboard as some editors cannot properly handle the non-breaking space character
  • Keystrokes are ignored when plug-ins have focus
    • This makes typing into Flash fields behave normally
    • Impossible to use Opera keyboard shortcuts as long as Flash has focus

  • Stability fixes
  • Plug-in fixes
  • All strings translatable for localized versions
  • Fixed spelling errors

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