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Opera 10.50 Beta 2 (Build 3273) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 10.50 Beta 2 (Build 3273)  Change Log

# User interface :

* Added
> Vista, Windows 7 style title bar integration on WinXP, when tabs are on top
- Applies only when the WinXP default desktop/start menu is employed, and not to the Classic desktop/start menu
> Opera "O" menu: changed "Page Tools" menu item to "Page"
> opera:webstorage and opera:webdatabases to the Address bar history dropdown list
> Opera Widgets
- Widget Manger panel in the Opera user interface
- Support for window style (floating/below etc)
- Support for an error console

* Improved
> Stabilized, polished, and increased protection against spoofing of overlay dialogs
> Opera Unite:
- Numerous tweaks and improvements to bundled Opera Unite applications
> Opera Widgets
- Widget generic icon
- Widget installation process
- Widget documentation
- Widget localization:
+ Various widget translation strings
> Localization:
- Strings for private browsing
- Strings for download-acceleration software compatibility

* Fixed
> Image context menu items being greyed out
> Title bar flickering when resizing on WinXP
> Several issues regarding bookmark manipulation
> An issue that occurred while Opera Turbo is running
> An issue when duplicating tabs using mouse gestures
> Current images mode not being inherited when opening links in a new tab
> New tab gesture opening a blank page without focus in the address bar instead of in Speed Dial
> Pasted bookmarks being stored in the wrong location
> Page zoom menu not being keyboard accessible
> Web fonts with a specified format not working
> Full name of dictionaries not being shown
> An issue when deleting many bookmarks freezes Opera
> Import/Export only supporting the old .adr bookmark format and not the new .ini format
> Trash name not being displayed if the name is absent in the bookmarks file
> After importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, the dialog cannot be opened again
> Opera creating both a bookmarks.adr and a bookmarks.ini file on first start
> The order of personal bar items not being remembered between sessions
> Opening a new window opens a ghost window
> Auto-hiding of the Windows taskbar is obscured by the Opera window
> Bottom arrow in a vertical / horizontal scrollbar points up when hovering the scrollbar
> Creating a "New (Private) Tab" from the task bar or systray does not maximize the Opera window
> A random font being set when changing fonts in Preferences and then restarting Opera
> An issue with "Open file" from the completed download notifications open sessions dialog
> Replaced "Developer Tools" with "Opera Dragonfly" in the Tools > Advanced traditional Opera menu bar
> Longdesc link going to the wrong URI
> Longdesc image description showing up in the image context menu
> Context menu not working in the Speed Dial search box
> Firewall alert when starting Opera on Windows 7
> Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut missing from the File menu
> Opera Unite:
- Context menu missing for images and links in widgets
- An issue with translations
- Right-click menu missing from the path field in the Opera Unite properties dialog
> Opera Widgets:
- An issue with the widget Edit field context menu after Spellcheck has been enabled
- An issue with password manager
- An issue while downloading from an untrusted repository
- Scrollbars appearing when the Yandex Traffic widget is docked
- Zooming widgets displays scrollbars
- Scrollbars not appearing for widgets in application mode
- Downloading a widget fails if it is already in the transfers list

# Display and scripting

* Added
> Numerous upgrades to the Carakan JavaScript engine
> New backend for webstorage with improved performance

* Improved
> Tab hover thumbnails
> Tab cycler by adding transparency

* Fixed
> Property caching in combination with special properties
> An issue with Google Buzz
> Instruction via the command line not being evaluated in local scope with Opera Dragonfly
> Optimization of the <canvas> putImageData operation
> Plug-in size and position not being updated when a plug-in is in synchronous state (Youtube)
> SVG background-images being misplaced and clipped
> An issue with third-party native skin icons
> Not being able to escape <input>
> An issue when using fullscreen mode

# Mail, news, chat

* Improved
> Localization:
- String for "Reply to list"
- String for "Reply to sender"
- Strings for "Mail progress"

* Fixed
> RSS/newsfeed preview being stuck at the "loading" stage
> Ghost feed items appearing after restart
> Smileys not showing their images in mail and chat
> An issue when trying to send a file in Opera chat/IRC
> No mail messages being selected on startup
> "Mark messages as read" option in filters being broken
> Slow loading of mail
> Loading mail without showing a progress indicator
> Mails being lost on IMAP when deleting a draft reply
> Sent mail appearing in the received index
> Cut and paste not working in the mail compose context menu
> Not being able to attach files by dragging and dropping them to the compose window
> The "Reply to list" button not showing for mailing list mails
> Context menu for the compose window
> Problem while holding the backspace key when typing a message in M2

# Network

* Fixed
> Opera Unite:
- Cross network request being issued when accessing an Opera Unite application

# Miscellaneous

* Improved
> Cache support and stability

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