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Opera 10.60


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Opera 10.60  Change Log

New features
Opera Presto 2.6 rendering engine

  • Opera 10.60 final contains the Opera Presto 2.6 rendering engine, which improves stability and adds support for the following new Opera features.

Geolocation services

  • User-enabled geolocation services are provided through Google Location Services (GLS).
  • IP address and WiFi recognition are implemented.
  • IP address recognition works with GLS by recognizing your IP address and telling you the cordinates based on it.
  • WiFi recognition works with GLS by gathering and then sending a list of all nearby wireless networks including MAC (Media Access Control) address, SSID (Service set identifier) name, and signal strength, which returns your coordinates.
  • An address bar map pin icon indicates a Web page is accessing the Geolocation API.
  • Opera geolocation services support the W3C Geolocation API Specification (
  • A user decides to share or not share their device location with a Web site based on trust; see section 4.2 ( of the W3C Geolocation specification.
  • Further information is available at the Opera Desktop Team blog: "The return of Geolocation" (
  • See this Opera demo (

Offline Web Applications

  • Support is added for Offline Web Applications ( implementing the user interface for caching.
  • This allows documents to communicate with each other regardless of their source domain, and is designed in a way which does not enable cross-site scripting attacks.
  • See this Opera demo (

Web Workers

  • Web Workers ( is an API for running scripts in the background independently of any user interface scripts. This allows for long-running scripts that are not interrupted by scripts that respond to clicks or other user interactions, and allows long tasks to be executed without yielding to keep the page responsive.
  • See this Opera demo (


  • The WebM format consists of the VP8 video and Vorbis audio codecs wrapped inside a .webm container. It is based on the Matroska media container format, and offers high-quality video with fast seeking.
  • WebM works together with the HTML5 <video> element supported in the Opera Presto rendering engine.
  • See these Opera articles:
    • Welcome, WebM <video>! (
    • Opera supports the WebM video format (

Changes since Opera 10.60 beta 1
User interface

  • The design of the "Fraud Warning" dialog
  • Allowing file choosers to be editable in the native UI
  • Adding support for enabling/disabling nettype, leaving it enabled by default


  • Premature shutdown when using the Mozilla Web Workers demo
  • An Application Cache issue when enabling "Work Offline"
  • Advanced menu in download tab not appearing for files downloaded to a non-ASCII folder
  • End key putting the cursor at beginning of next line instead of end of the current line
  • Opera reloading images when going back with History Navigation Mode 3
  • Gmail checkboxes looking odd
  • Block level elements not creating new lines in pasted text
  • Premature shutdown using spatial navigation when two scrollable containers are positioned near each other
  • Cache-related premature shutdown when reloading pages
  • Incorrect font being used for CJK contents within a page of other language
  • File handling when dealing with zip archives
  • Search suggestions fixes:
    • Search suggestions not working in the address bar when using search keywords
    • Default Speed Dial search not being present in many locals
    • Search drop-down getting mixed up when deleting a previous search
    • Clicking on search suggestions in the Go To dialog dismissing the dialog
  • Start bar looking unstyled and text labels not being visible with Windows Native skin
  • Premature shutdown on exit after using the download context menu
  • HTML5 video and gif animations stop playing when context menu is open
  • Not being able to type in file input fields in the user interface
  • Text being cut off in the browser identification dropdown in Polish version
  • QuAVlive Webm Adaptive HTTP Streaming Demo prematurely shutting down Opera
  • Premature shutdown when trying to use Opera Voice
  • Opera Unite Messenger application not loading

Display and scripting

  • Serif fonts being used as default in form elements (input, text fields, and buttons)
  • Documents (where documentedit has been enabled) stay in memory along with every later document in the tab
  • No load event occurring for not-yet-visible images ( slideshow: Main content on not displaying when "slideshow" starts running)
  • IMG x/y not being supported (date picker in wrong location)
  • innerHTML not stripping quotes on attributes, and innerHTML not being lowercase
  • Image upload to appearing to fail
  • Page load producing a blank page
  • Premature shutdown when rich text editing a page
  • Meta refresh without a URL reloading the page
  • Premature shudown when performing a normal shutdown procedure
  • An issue when printing and print previewing emails
  • Large images only rendering up to 5-10%, then nothing until fully loaded
  • Yahoo! Mail chat truncating output sent from Opera
  • Premature shutdown after inspecting an element with a background attribute
  • Background being corrupted when scrolling (large negative text-indent)
  • Not all param values being displayed
  • Scrolling a page by dragging the scrollbar in print preview stops scrolling when halfway through the document
  • Range header not being sent for a redirected (301) URL
  • Premature shutdown occurring in the cookie dialog
  • Large amount of overflow (in the vertical direction) disabling scrollbars
  • XHR (XMLHttpRequest) custom headers not being resent when redirected
  • An unclosed, absolutely positioned span freezing Opera if ancestors are relatively positioned, with one of them being an inline-block
  • Authentication information not being propagated to Java
  • MHTML file with "Content-Encoding:gzip" header causing a premature shutdown
  • Popup blocker being circumvented when using JS URL and fake click
  • IFRAME height property being ignored in MSR mode if scrolling=no
  • Setting the same JS URL as the src of a script element halts its loading
  • An active-window event not being sent after a dialog is closed, with focus then switching back to the opener
  • A premature shutdown when using inline search
  • Incorrect reporting of the offline cache size
  • Application cache list not containing unvisited caches after shutdown/restart

Plug-in fixes:

  • New Java plug-in not finding the applet on local pages
  • A problem with the Quake Live (and friends) plug-in
  • Voddler plug-in scripting issues
  • Swedish BankID causing Opera to prematurely shut down (
  • Not being able to click links at script resumes after inserting a non-plugin object
  • Flash not always painting until being forced (YouTube channels)
  • Modifying OuterHTML on nested objects with document.onmouseover disables page interaction
  • DivX Webplayer plug-in crashing, and then showing a plug-in failed dialog
  • An issue with Netflix streaming video
  • Premature shutdown when hosting the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in
  • Premature shutdown occurring with the unsigned_npgoogletalk.dll
  • Application cache quota strategy not working properly
  • Not being able to revisit a cached URL
  • Page cache deleting application cache URLs
  • Hangup being caused by img/float/iframe in a width-restricted element
  • Unicode freezing (Wikipedia)
  • Form input fields with border-radius and no border being invisible
  • Premature shutdown when attempting to load mountpoint URL of file inside a zip file
  • Opera freezing when changing src attribute of audio element in event handler for "ended"
  • Fast history navigation stops working when document cache reaches half the size of previous problem level
  • Premature shutdown when closing a tab with mouse gesture over Flash
  • HTML5 video not working without a DirectSound driver
  • Premature shutdown when using Web Storage
  • Canvas 2D context's font attribute forcing a premature shutdown
  • Disabling the Opera Speed Dial search provider is not remembered
  • A document being served with an incorrect MIME breaks multistyle/font switch-writing system
  • An inline element breaking the layout of inline-blocks (
  • JavaScript/plug-in shutdown on sites like Google Maps
  • A premature shutdown occuring with WebM
  • Transparent Opera Speed Dial dialogs not rendering correctly

Mail, news, chat

  • Prevention of broken searches in mail

Offline Web Applications fixes

  • The list of application caches not containing unvisited domains after a shutdown/restart
  • Offline application cache size being incorrectly reported
  • Offline application cache being unavailable for panels
  • Offline application cache being unavailable for the special Opera Dragonfly window
  • Offline "application_cache" not being stored in a temporary location

Geolocation services fixes

  • Adding a mechanism to clear Geolocation preferences
  • Corrected several erroneous Geolocation settings
  • Checkbox labels in Geolocation Terms and Conditions not being clickable
  • "Do you want to share your location" toolbar being displayed even if "remember my choice" was previously selected
  • Show the domain rather than URL in the Geolocation toolbar

Widgets fixes

  • Widgets not showing tooltips
  • Inconsistent context menu item name; should be "View" instead of "Position"
  • Updating the structure of widgets menu
  • Wrong ordering of context menus for widgets with image, and for widgets with link


  • Implemented validation of certificates used in widget signature using OCSP


  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a link can unexpectedly run a program from the Internet; see our advisory (
  • Fixed an issue which could be used to trick users into uploading unexpected files, as reported by Andrew Valums; see our advisory (

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