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mIRC 6.21


mIRC 6.21 3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

mIRC 6.21  Change Log

  • Fixed $timer().secs bug when used with /timer HH:MM.
  • Fixed right-click on disabled toolbar button popping up menu.
  • Fixed treebar and toolbar using same key accelerator in the view menu.
  • Changed wording in help file for /windows -D.
  • Changed /winhelp to allow help system to search for help file if it\'s not found in the mIRC folder.
  • Fixed /toolbar -z3 not loading actual icon size from an .ico file.
  • Fixed pressing spacebar in channel nicklist not popping up correct menu.
  • Fixed bug with popup menus displayed using spacebar in notify/url listboxes.
  • Fixed passive dcc send bug rejecting files in dcc ignore list.
  • Fixed /window -h not being able to hide status window switchbar buttons.
  • Fixed various tabbed text display bugs in @window text/listbox.
  • Fixed scripts reacting to superfuous windows mouse move messages.
  • Fixed display bug in reversed tabbed text in listbox @windows.
  • Fixed dcc get window not being auto-closed on time-out in some situations.
  • Improved /drawrot, now faster and supports float values.
  • Changed the way mIRC displays popup menus so that it triggers the WM_INITMENUPOPUP for plugin developers.
  • The LOADINFO structure now returns a minor version value that is right-padded with zeros, eg. 6 20.
  • Fixed /drawpic parameter parsing bug.
  • Fixed windows taking focus when mIRC is not the active application.
  • Fixed $regsubex() bug with \\0 parameter and various other characters.
  • Added $regsubex() \\A parameter, non-spaced version of \\a.
  • Fixed issue with $lactive not always returning a value.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar bug in tabbed listbox @windows.
  • Optimized display speed of text in windows and listboxes.
  • Improved /window -b speed.
  • Improved $network return value when connected/disconnected when on networks that use different network names in numerics 001/005.
  • Fixed $dialog().focus not working correctly with comboboxes.
  • Added on HOTLINK support for $() and %var in matchtext.
  • When drag-dropping files on listboxes the listbox item under the mouse is now highlighted.
  • Fixed query windows in treebar/switchbar not being re-sorted on a nickname change.
  • Added Minimize/Close All menu items to treebar folder menus.
  • Fixed script editor bug deleting very long lines instead of truncating them.
  • Fixed /window -c gpf bug when several status windows are open and the first status window is closed.
  • Fixed $window().state bug.
  • Added $window().sbstate/tbstate, return switchbar/treebar button state for a window.
  • Updated library to PCRE v6.7, fixes various bugs.
  • Updated support files to openssl v0.9.8b.
  • Fixed on WAVEEVEND event not being triggered correctly.
  • Fixed switchbar fill display bug.
  • Fixed $didwm() bug not handling blank lines in editboxes.
  • Fixed DCC Get behaviour if download folder does not exist.
  • Fixed logging bug where logfiles were being lost if make folder\r was enabled and the same status window was used to connect to different networks.
  • Fixed $eval() parsing bug when passed more than two parameters.
  • Fixed nested $regsubex() gpf bug.
  • Extended commandline -r and -i parameters to accept non-full paths.
  • IRC Servers dialog now uses a treeview to display the servers list.
  • Fixed $inellipse() bug.
  • Fixed kill event handling bug.
  • Fixed $regml() bug.
  • Fixed log filenames handling bug.
  • Changed DNS routine so that it now randomizes the retrieved pool of IP addresses to spread the load across connections.
  • Fixed /btrunc bug.
  • Added /server -z switch, minimizes new status window.
  • Fixed numeric 345 not triggering on RAW event.
  • Fixed dcc send time-out bug when sending empty file.
  • Added command line switch -portable to make mIRC avoid use of the registry, and $portable identifier.
  • Fixed gif transparency issues.
  • Added 48 x 48 icon to mIRC icon for Vista.
  • Fixed minor cosmetic issues when running under Vista.
  • Fixed /window -h not hiding desktop @window when it is first created.
  • Fixed Alt+N behaviour, when switchbar/treebar was enabled Alt+N was selecting windows hidden with /window -h.
  • Added Lock Bars option to toolbar/switchbar/treebar menus.
  • Fixed treebar not remembering /window -i item open/closed state when jumping between server items in treebar list.
  • Fixed treebar not placing /window -z windows at end of list. This affects custom @windows as well as other windows whose original server window has been closed.
  • Fixed Control+Minimize lock bug. Windows opened on the desktop are now also minimized and locked, and system menus are no longer usable without unlocking.
  • Fixed editor dialog not remembering correct position if Windows tray was in top/left position.
  • Fixed /editbox not working with minimized/hidden windows.
  • Added /toolbar -f[lsd] switches, load/save/delete toolbar in toolbar.ini file. mIRC auto-loads toolbar.ini on startup.
  • Fixed $rand() floating point handling bug.
  • Changed PCRE compile options, previous change had resulted in a significant performance decrease.
  • Fixed $error being reset when an alias/identifier is called in the :error section without using /reseterror.
  • Fixed regex identifiers not handling script errors correctly.
  • Fixed logfiles bug resulting in lost or corrupted logfiles when connecting to multiple servers.
  • Fixed reload logfiles bug when lines prefixed with both color codes and timestamps.
  • Fixed channel topic/mode bug, were not being cleared correctly on reconnecting to a server.
  • Fixed Treebar folder icon display bug.
  • Added Single click on tray icon to open option to tray dialog.
  • When settings are changed in logging dialog, the logging state of windows and any open log filenames are now immediately updated to reflect new settings.
  • Added Flash on chat message option to IRC Options dialog.
  • Added Beep on chat message option to Sounds dialog.
  • Disabling sounds in the Sounds dialog now does actually disable all sounds, even those using /splay or /beep.
  • Fixed bug with Background pictures not applying correct display method (center, fill, etc.) in some cases.
  • Added new sound events to the Sounds dialog.
  • Fixed DCC Send/Get progress bar display bug, was not showing completed transfer in some situations.
  • Fixed incorrect evaluation of parameters containing $nulls when passed to identifiers.
  • Fixed /ctcps, /events, and /remote not handling off parameter correctly.
  • Fixed $fline() and $line() returning results when listbox\r specified and used with a non-listbox window.

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