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mIRC 5.81


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mIRC 5.81  Change Log

  • Fixed $did().seltext not working in some cases.
  • Can now enter control chars in channel central topic editbox.
  • /splay will now accept LFNs even if they\'re not enclosed in quotes, error messages are now also wrapped.
  • Moved internal sound to sounds dialog, the internal sound is now only played for event beeps. mIRC uses the default windows sound for errors etc.
  • Fixed custom dialog icons not being displayed inside box controls.
  • Fixed bug in highlight feature when using identifiers as highlight items.
  • $inmp3.fname now returns case of original filename.
  • Fixed $send()/get() .cps if transfer took
  • Fixed Alt+S not working in DCC Send dialog.
  • Added /play -fN switch, plays file from line N onwards.
  • /run will now keep the quotes in any parameters that you specify.
  • Added $sdir(dir,title) and $sfile(dir,title,oktext), title and oktext are optional.

    The $sdir, $file, $hfile, and $dir identifiers are still supported but are no longer documented in the help file.

  • If you select a topic from the topic history in channel central, it will now be set as the new topic when you press OK.
  • Fixed url double-click bug under WinME (?)
  • Fixed hour-glass bug in Editor dialog when using Ctrl+S.
  • When using a popup menu in a channel, the $1- identifier will now always be set to the selected nicks in the nicklist.
  • Fixed !nick sound sound request not working for mp3s.
  • Fixed agent bug, wasn\'t allowing you to turn agent on/off on a per channel/query window basis.
  • Fixed custom dialog tab control display bug.
  • Fixed bug in on WAVEEND/MIDIEND/MP3END if /splay was used within the event to restart playing.
  • /splay can now handle longer filenames.
  • Fixed /splay seek not triggering on MP3END.
  • /did -eb now works on icons in custom dialogs.
  • $window().state now returns hidden if a window is minimized and its icon is not visible.
  • $mp3().length now works with VBR mp3s, $mp3().variable and $mp3().crc also fixed.
  • Channel central no longer stores duplicate topics.
  • Fixed ctrl+copy not working in @windows.
  • Fixed internal ban list not seeing bans set by servers.
  • Fixed $ibl().by for undernet which doesn\'t provide an address for the user setting the ban.
  • Added built-in uninstaller to 32bit mIRC under 95/98/etc., adds item to Add/Remove in control panel, uninstalls the last mIRC that was run, will tell you which mIRC is being removed. Also removes all registry changes.
  • Fixed bugs in multimonitor support.
  • You can press the ! button in the sounds dialog a second time to stop a sound playing.
  • Added pc speaker option to sounds dialog.
  • Editbox in channel/query windows no longer limits the amount of text you can paste into it. It will still beep if you enter lines longer than 450 characters though.
  • Fixed bug in /colour not updating background picture colours.
  • Fixed $mid() bug when handling a negative index.
  • /colour -r now resets colour box N to default rgb value, and $colour(N) now returns rgb value for the Nth box.
  • Fixed flood protection feature in options/irc dialog.
  • /splay seek no longer resumes an mp3 if it has been paused.
  • Added $hget().data property, works same as .item.
  • Added $hfind(name/N, text, N), searches table for the Nth item which matches text. Returns item name.

    $hmatch(name/N, wildtext, N) allows you to match wildcard text, also works if the item or data itself is wildcard text.

    Specify .data property if you want to match on the data of an item. Also returns item name.

  • Editor dialog now displays size of text in k\'s instead of bytes.
  • /play now buffers a text file before playing it. /play messages are now also subject to flood protection (if enabled in options dialog).
  • Changed $round() rounding method.
  • Added /dcc ignore on/off command.
  • The . command prefix now overrides -s for hash commands.
  • Improved tab key nick completion method. Also can now complete nicks beginning with a prefix, eg. +nick
  • /queryrn now allows _ in the new nickname.
  • Fixed $file() bug.
  • Fixed nicklist being double-spaced when you change the line- spacing for a channel.
  • /echo -d now opens the message window if it\'s not already open.
  • /background now works even if window isn\'t currently open, also allows you to set defaults.
  • Fixed Control+F find bug.
  • Fixed /vol command not working in 16bit.
  • Added All menu items to Position menu item in system menu.
  • Fixed Control+Shift+Insert not working when pasting /commands as plain text into a single-line editbox.
  • Fixed channels list window popup menu gpf bug.
  • /ignore /auto /protect now display info in active window.
  • Can now call file dialog identifiers from a custom dialog event.
  • /titlebar no longer changes case of @window name.
  • Editor dialog now indents lines following a $&.
  • Fixed /renwin allowing @window names > 90 characters.
  • Fixed auto-tile/cascade not working when selecting a window from the window menu.
  • Added /drawrot -hnbfc @ [colour] [x y w h], rotates area of bitmap by specified angle.

    -b indicates you\'ve specified a background colour value.
    -f fits the newly rotated bitmap into the original width/height.
    -c centers the rotated image if -f isn\'t specified.

  • Removed support for Start in folder in shortcut icons, was causing too many problems.
  • /firewall -c now clears userid/password.
  • Top level submenus in popup menus are now merged if they have the same name.
  • You no longer need to use [ ] inside $iif() to evaluate items. $iif() now only evaluates the 2nd and 3rd parameters after the if comparison itself has been evaluated.
  • mIRC now recognizes IRCX token in numeric 005 for ircds that support IRCX extensions.
  • Fixed $hotline not returning proper results with indented lines.
  • Improved log view dialog.
  • Fixed editor dialog tabs display bug when on desktop.
  • Added /play and /playctrl dialogs to control the /play queue.
  • /window can now resize a minimized @window.
  • Changes to /hop, now clears the topic before a rejoin, also no longer parts a channel if you /hop to it while it\'s already open. Added /hop -c #channel switch, cycles any open channel, you can use -n to minimize the channel.
  • Fixed $readn bug.
  • $ini() no longer halts a script with an error if the ini file doesn\'t exist.
  • /sockwrite and /sockudp no longer halt a script if they fail, they now set $sock().wserr to the error value, and also trigger the on sockwrite event with an error.
  • Fixed $sock().wsmg bug.
  • Fixed custom dialog icon property not accepting quoted LFNs.
  • The /draw -p and -r switches will now work together properly.
  • $readn is now set to zero if a $read -w search fails.
  • /anick no longer changes your nick, unless altnick is the active nick. /nick will try to prevent nick and altnick from becoming identical nicks.
  • Integrated .chat file support into the exe.
  • The script parser no longer replaces ]] with ] if ]] has other text appended to it, eg. ]]sometext
  • Added SJIS/JIS option to IRC/Messages dialog for 32bit mIRC. When this option is turned on, the display and mark/copy of multi-byte characters should also work better.
  • Changed cps calculation method for dcc sends/gets.
  • Added /dcc get to redirect an incoming dcc send to dir (must be subdir of the main mIRC dir), and /dcc reject to reject the dcc send. These must be called from within the CTCP dcc send event or the on DCCSERVER send event. $filename returns name of file.
  • Added on EXIT event, ie. on 1:EXIT:/echo exiting mIRC
  • Extended ignore method in dcc options/folders dialog.
  • A notice will now add a user to your IAL if the user is on the same channel as you.
  • Fixed $nick().colour, was returning incorrect values.
  • /hadd now allows you to add items without a data value.
  • Fixed on dialog event being triggered incorrectly for some controls when dialog is first created.
  • Fixed /unset bug when first character of variable is a wildcard, eg. /unset %*
  • Fixed while loop bug.
  • Added match on option to Highlight section edit dialog.
  • Added support for URL links in web pages, using the format for example,

    Note: currently this format only seems to work with IE.

  • Can now set localinfo manually with /localinfo .
  • Fixed $portfree() bug.
  • Improved channels folder dialog. Can now specify password, network and auto-join for each channel.

    If you try to join a channel, either via the toolbar channels folder popup menu, or in the channels folder, and you\'re not connected, mIRC will auto-connect to the server.

    You can now enter more than one channel per entry, where the first word is the group title, in the form:

    grouptitle #chan1 #chan2 etc.

  • Added show topic item to popup menu when right-clicking on a #channel name.
  • Added support for http proxy connections in firewall dialog.

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