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mIRC 6.02


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mIRC 6.02  Change Log

  • Fixed tab key nick completion bug.
  • Fixed window tiling bug when a maximized window is closed while auto-tile/cascade is enabled.
  • Fixed /dcc trust bug.
  • Fixed on keydown/keyup events in custom @windows not handling some keys.
  • Fixed editboxes limiting amount of text that can be entered.
  • Fixed dcc sends/chats not being auto-minimized when switchbar was turned off.
  • $ticks now uses a different method to get the ticks value.
  • Extended /drawsave -qN to save .jpg files with quality N, where N is between 1 and 100.
  • Custom dialog initial size now takes account of wrapped menubar height.
  • Fixed memory handling bug in jpg loading routine.
  • Extended switchbar multi-line option in display dialog.
  • Added Options dialog to Window menu.
  • Inverted /drawpic -m switch, now uses slower better quality method only when -m is specified.
  • Fixed mIRC always adding itself to the tray after explorer crashes, even if tray option wasn\'t enabled.
  • Added /dialog -h switch, works same as -i in /timer and /window, makes dialog hop between connections.
  • The on CLOSE event is now again triggered for open windows when mIRC exits.
  • mIRC now uses the default system cursor for hotlinks.
  • mIRC now uses the command LIST stop to stop the channels list from the server, on all IRC networks.
  • Fixed /flash bug.
  • Fixed /ignore -r bug.
  • Fixed dcc get file exists dialog bug incorrectly truncating file before rename.
  • Fixed dcc server protocol bug when rejecting a connection.
  • The on INPUT event is no longer triggered for commands that use the ! command prefix.
  • Fixed $style() menu option not being set in some situations.
  • Fixed $inrect() bug.
  • Fixed /drawcopy bug, was copying one pixel too many.
  • Extended Channels Folder Add/Edit dialog to allow selection of multiple networks for each channel entry.
  • Fixed fserve window time-out beep/closing bug.
  • Fixed connection wizard dialog bug.
  • Fixed * Disconnected not being displayed in channel window in some situations.
  • Fixed tooltip display bug.
  • Fixed /notify /ignore /protect /aop /avoice not always applying nick color settings after changes.
  • Fixed bugs in dcc trust feature.
  • Added ignore option to dcc trust dialog.
  • Fixed /sound lpt1/com1/etc. bug under Win2k.
  • Editing an item in the highlight dialog no longer changes the position of the item.
  • Fixed $dccignore(N) bug when N = 0.
  • Fixed $submenu() not working in picture @windows.
  • Fixed ctcp finger reply not evaluating user name if it contained variables or identifiers.
  • Fixed /hdel -w bug, wasn\'t unsetting items which had been created with the -z switch.
  • Notify list window titlebar now shows total number of users in list.
  • Perform on connect section now allows you to specify a different set of commands for each network. Moved perform dialog to connect section.
  • Fixed $input() bugs.
  • If a $cid ceases to exist during execution of a script, eg. if /window -c is used to close a status window, mIRC now re-assigns the script to an existing $cid.
  • Fixed scrollbar display bug in windows in some situations.
  • Fixed /window and $mouse.dx/dy bugs when windows taskbar positioned at left/top of desktop.
  • Fixed mIRC not using system default for browser/email programs.
  • Fixed $active/$lactive bug.
  • Fixed bug which caused custom dialog to lose focus when window was closed with /window -c.
  • Fixed /set -u0 bug not unsetting variables in some situations.
  • The unable to join channel message is now displayed in the status window and in the channel window.
  • Strip codes option in logging dialog now also strips control codes from the timestamp.
  • Separators at the bottom of a custom menu definition are no longer stripped out from a menu.
  • Fixed $gettok() bug when handling negative N values.
  • Can now use /font to set font settings in mirc.ini for non-open windows.
  • mIRC no longer closes a channel window on reconnect to a server if you have keep channels open enabled.
  • mIRC no longer attempts to rejoin a channel on reconnect if the channel was +i, or if it was +k and mIRC didn\'t have the key.
  • Fixed /window -f bug when used on hidden @windows.
  • DCC Sends/Gets that fail during transfer now show cps/time info in status window message.
  • $var() now evalutes the first parameter if it isn\'t a %variable.
  • Dlls opened by $dll() or /dll are now closed before mIRC closes all other windows on exit.
  • Can now use %variables in custom dialog table definitions for control size/position values.
  • Fixed /dcc send not handling UNC format filenames correctly.
  • Fixed MIME $encode()/$decode() bug when processing &binvars that contained zero values.
  • Can now use $* as a parameter to an alias.
  • Fixed $bvar().word/nword/long/nlong properties, now return an unsigned value.
  • Fixed infinite recursion bug when using /timer -e switch.
  • DCC Get Resume dialog now shows current and incoming file size.
  • Added on dialog close event.
  • Custom dialogs no longer require an ok or cancel button.
  • Added $sin()/$cos()/etc. .deg property to treat number as degrees instead of radians.
  • $window().type for custom windows now returns: custom, picture, and listbox.
  • Mozilla is now used correctly when opening URLs.
  • Changed Group by Network behaviour.
  • You can now use $dns(0).nick/addr/ip to reference properties if an address couldn\'t be resolved.
  • Fixed memory handling bug when using /sockwrite * wildcard format.
  • Added /window -R switch, resets window position to previously saved position.
  • /nick changes are now saved to mirc.ini immediately.
  • Fixed bug with second editbox not appearing when you are voiced on a channel.
  • Fixed nick in channel/query window titlebar not being updated on a nick change if Show nick in channel/query titlebars was enabled.
  • Using $hget(name, item, &binvar) where item is a non-existent item now returns 0 and does not create the &binvar.
  • Added /hload and /hsave -i switch, saves hash table in ini file format. Can specify optional [section] name after filename.
  • $regex() now handles empty strings correctly.
  • Rejoin channels on connect option now combines JOINs for multiple channels.
  • Fixed /socklist display bug for listening connections.
  • Extended $hfind(name/N, text, N, M) to handle wildcard/regex matches. Where M is:

      n - normal text comparison (default if M isn\'t specified)
      w - text is wildcard text
      W - hash table item/data is wildcard text
      r - text is regular expression
      R - hash table item/data is regular expression

      Note: $hmatch() and $hregex() are still supported for now but are no longer listed in the help file.

  • Fixed mouse button right-click popup menu bug when connected to multiple servers.
  • The second parameter in a /who request is no longer treated as a filter string if it does not contain a wildcard character.
  • Fixed bug relating to time and timezone handling, happened only in certain timezones.
  • The /aop /avoice /protect /ignore commands now allow you to specify a network name as the last parameter.
  • Updated Regular Expression library to PCRE v3.9.
  • Updated PNG library to PNG v1.2.1.
  • Added sort button to control dialog.
  • Can now specify wildcard name in /close command.
  • Fixed bug in Copy messages to Query window feature.
  • The -r and -l switches now work the same way in /aop /ignore /avoice and /protect.
  • Added on CONNECTFAIL event, same format as on CONNECT, triggers when a connection attempt (including retries) has failed.
  • Added /clearall -snqmtgu switches, where s = status, n = channel, q = query, m = message window, t = chat, g = finger, u = custom. If no switches are specified all windows are cleared.
  • Added /bread -t switch, reads data up to the next CR/LF.
  • Added Flush files option to DCC Options dialog.
  • Fixed /timer bug, may not have been triggering correctly in some situations.
  • Show whois in active window now handles /whois nick1,nick2,etc.
  • Added IRCX-specific fix for handling messages sent by a channel to a user, eg. #channel PRIVMSG nick :message. mIRC only supports this format when connected to an IRCX server.
  • Added Alt+LeftClick on Status Window switchbar button, shows/hides all switchbar buttons associated with the status window. New windows will always have their buttons displayed even if the hide option is on. Can also use Alt+F1 to show/hide buttons.
  • $mask() now handles ^ and = as userid prefixes.
  • Fixed List Channels dialog bug which caused it to lose settings in some situations.
  • The on DIALOG mouse event now triggers over controls in a dialog and $did is set to the control id value.
  • Added on DIALOG active event, works with $dialog().active.

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