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AOL Instant Messenger

Current Version: Triton Beta | Oldest Version: 1.0

AOL Instant Messenger is an instant messaging protocol available for a range of operating systems and its features include a contact list of up to 500 friends, video and voice chat, desktop-to-mobile ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)2,098,651Total Downloads 35,138Last Week

BitWise IM

Current Version: 1.7.3 | Oldest Version: 1.7.3

BitWise IM is an instant messenger with many advanced features and is encrypted using proven, industry-standard methods. Other features is that it has "direct connect" which allows you to send message ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)7,174Total Downloads 1Last Week


Current Version: 6.4.253 | Oldest Version: 3.6

Camfrog Video Chat is a program created by Camshare LLC that allows users all over the world to broadcast live streaming audio and video. This software allows over 1,000 users in a live streaming vide ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)133,451Total Downloads 1,727Last Week


Current Version: 4.2.4 | Oldest Version: 1.6.0

CheckMail is a powerful POP3 email checking program, which notifies you when you have received new email. It allows you to check all your email accounts for new messages and preview or delete them bef ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)12,799Total Downloads 2Last Week


Current Version: Beta (build 91) | Oldest Version: (build 92)

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)199Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: Light 3.0.6 | Oldest Version: 1.0

Eudora is a robust e-mail client whose features include multiple addressbook formatting options and the ability to filter, redirect, and forward mail. Eudora includes many convenient features such as ...View More »

Rating: (2 votes)238,307Total Downloads 2,657Last Week

Facebook Messenger

Current Version: 2.1 | Oldest Version: 2.0

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)1,356Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 2.9.0 | Oldest Version: 0.60

Gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM and ICQ (Oscar protocol), MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, No ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)568,155Total Downloads 5,796Last Week

Gizmo Project

Current Version: | Oldest Version:

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)216Total Downloads 0Last Week

Google Talk

Current Version: 1.0.98 | Oldest Version: Beta

A communicator like the AOL, MSN and Tillian messangers, Google Talk allows users to instantly message one another with text. The program also incorporates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), making ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)259,036Total Downloads 3,333Last Week


Current Version: 99b | Oldest Version: 1.02 Beta

ICQ is an instant-messaging program that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time. To seek out a friend on the ICQ network, simply enter his or her ICQ number, name, nickname, or ...View More »

Rating: (2 votes)515,238Total Downloads 6,572Last Week

ICQ Lite

Current Version: build 1302 | Oldest Version: Beta Build #1068

ICQ Lite is a no-frills version of ICQ that can be installed quickly and easily, using minimal system resources. ICQ Lite has all the essential features of the full version of ICQ. You can message peo ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)74,639Total Downloads 1,104Last Week


Current Version: Build 2448 | Oldest Version: 11.01.01

IncrediMail is an e-mail client which produces multimedia e-mail. Its free ad-supported version is available for download at its website. The paid version, IncrediMail Premium, removes its advertisem ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)130,075Total Downloads 1,844Last Week

Incredimail Xe

Current Version: build 1155 | Oldest Version: build 1155

Incredimail Xe is the basic version of the IncrediMail email program, it is absolutely free to use and comes packed with many features: - email backgrounds - emoticons - notifiers - handwritten signa ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)9,850Total Downloads 52Last Week


Current Version: 4.0.4 | Oldest Version: 4.0.4

KVIrc is a mature and full featured visual IRC client, an excellent companion for your daily IRC sessions. KVIrc is also a free portable IRC client based on the excellent Qt GUI toolkit. ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)5,173Total Downloads 1Last Week
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