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mIRC 2.7a


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mIRC 2.7a  Change Log

  • Changed dblclk ban list routine again.
  • Variable assignment was wrong in open window routine. Caused windows to behave strangely and crash.
  • Changed query & msg commands. /msg does not open a window, /query does.
  • Added beeping on query & notice options.
  • The INI filename specified on the command line was not working for some mIRC functions.
  • DCC sessions were not being closed properly, ie. files in some cases would be left open.
  • Cosmetic changes - moved some options to extras dialog and other stuff.
  • Invite command wasn\'t working properly.
  • Corrected mistakes in the mirc.ini file.
  • Query window size wasn\'t being saved.
  • mIRC wasn\'t closing all DCC connections on quit.
  • Now prevents duplicate server entries in setup dialog.
  • Some windows are now more intuitively centered on opening.
  • Now shows number of channels as they are being listed.
  • Some windows were opening only in the top left corner. Window positioning is hopefully better now.
  • QUIT and AWAY commands weren\'t setting message properly.
  • Added /LEAVE (like /PART. command for compatibility.
  • Again changed optimization switches in compiler. Previous settings caused more problems than I thought...
  • Can now open mutiple DCC Chat sessions with the same person.
  • Option to show Quits in channel window.
  • now shows /msgs that you send.
  • when doing a eset position window is placed neatly inside main window even if saved position was outside it.
  • Changed /protect etc. to work using on and off.
  • Added option to highlight own messages.
  • Aliases with a * in them weren\'t working properly.
  • About dialog now disappears on keypress.
  • Can now continue DCC chats if disconnected from IRC.
  • After disconnection, on reconnect to IRC, only channel windows are closed. All other windows remain open.
  • /SERVER command now works. (can use in popup menus!)
  • Bugs in file handling routines.
  • Bug in Channels list routine.
  • Iconify query window option.
  • beeps if message in channel and you are not at bottom of buffer.
  • Added whois option on a query.
  • If talking in query window and person logs off IRC, informs you nick is invalid *in* query window.
  • when not at bottom of buffer and a channel message is printed, highlighting for copy/paste now stays on.
  • Enlarged alias window.
  • Alias window now shows number of aliases entered.

  • Possible Bugs/Annoyances:
  • Text in window sometimes goes blank or isn\'t updated properly.
  • Text sometimes prints over the scrollbar slightly.
  • Multiple DCC sends/gets might not work properly.

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