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mIRC 5.61


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mIRC 5.61  Change Log

  • Fixed lock dialog password bug.
  • Improved support for IRCX servers:
      Added property $nick().owner, isowner if comparison, and q\r property to $nick(#,N,aohvrq,aohvrq) where q is for owners.

      Added on OWNER/DEOWNER events, work the same as on OP/DEOP, and $mode().owner/deowner properties.

      mIRC also now automatically sends /ircx to the IRCX server the moment it connects.

      If you have a large notify list, the notify list will now work on IRCX servers, a maximum of 30 nicknames at a time are sent in the ISON request.

      The aw event can now trap all events that mIRC doesn\'t internally recognize, so IRCX events can be processed, eg.:

      raw prop:*:echo 4 PROP: $nick $address $event $1-

      The DATA event from microsoft chat clients is now hidden, and any privmsgs of the format :(#G2<:e:10m1 or : are trimmed to the text after this token. is only done on ircx servers.>
      mIRC now sees the CREATE event, interprets it as a JOIN, and also displays the KNOCK, EVENT, and WHISPER events.

      The PROP TOPIC event now updates the topic in a channel window titlebar.

      The +dhuwx channel modes are now displayed in the titlebar.

  • The text entered for the highlight words list no longer strips out extra spaces.
  • The RAW event can now handle unknown NAMED events, eg.:

    raw eventname:*:echo 4 $nick $address $event $1-

  • Limit channels section in Lock dialog now allows any length channel name to be entered.
  • Added play flash sound N times option in Highlight dialog.
  • Fixed /tokenize bug with non-space delimited tokens.
  • Rolling/unrolling windows now only works if you hold down the shift key when right-clicking on the window titlebar.
  • Added $lock(item/#chan/N) identifier, returns $true or $false if item is locked, where item can be: send, get, chat, fserve, run, dll, channels. You can also use $lock(N) where N returns the Nth channel in the limit channels list, or you can specify a channel name instead of N.
  • Added show in channel: ctcps switch to IRC dialog, to display ctcps sent to a channel in the channel window.
  • Extended $duration() to handle larger numbers.
  • mIRC intercepts Control-F4 to close desktop windows now.
  • Support for $parmN and *N will be removed next version.
  • Fixed invalid cps value at start of dcc get resume.
  • Fixed on PLAYEND bug.
  • Made change in /goto behaviour and how it finds :goto points.
  • Sound messages are now time-stamped.
  • Fixed bug in $crc(), it\'s returning the correct standard 32bit CRC value now.
  • Added $dccignore, returns $true if ignore types in dcc folder dialog is on, otherwise $false.

    Also added $dccignore(N/filename), if N = 0, returns number of items in ignore types list, otherwise returns Nth item in list. If filename is specified, returns $true if it matches item in list, otherwise $false.

  • Fixed BURC codes being stripped from channel topic.
  • /font, $width(), $height(), /drawtext, now allow you to specify a negative number for the font size, this matches the font size you\'d see in the font dialog.
  • Fixed on INPUT not working with dcc chat/fserves.
  • Fixed memory bug in /drawsave.
  • Fixed bug in $read when using both -w and -l switches.
  • The Help menu in the menubar now lists .chm and .html files.
  • Can now specify hsbar horizontal scrollbar property for listbox and combobox in custom dialogs. To reset the width of the hsbar you can use /did -z after adding/deleting lines.
  • Extended $chat/$fserv/$send/$get, to $chat(nick,N), $fserv(nick,N), $send(nick,N) and $get(nick,N) for nicks with mutliple dcc sessions open. The old format of $xxx(nick/N) is still supported.

    Also extended /close -cfsg to allow you to specify Nth chat/fserv/ send/get, eg. /close -s5 nick, would close the 5th send to nick.

  • $highlight now returns $true if highlighting is enabled, otherwise $false.

    Added $highlight(N/text) identifier, with properties .text, .colour, .sound, .flash, .message, .nicks. Returns Nth highlight line in highlight listbox, or if text is specified, returns the properties for the highlight line that matches text.

  • Fixed + prefix bug in $target identifier for /msg +#channel.
  • Added if (v1 isalnum) comparison to test if v1 is alphanumeric text.
  • Online timer and Idle time now remain valid even if you change your computer time.
  • Tooltips now pop up over incomplete switchbar button names.
  • Fixed gpf bug in colours dialog when pressing Ok button, and in /colour command.
  • Can now Control+Q to cycle through query windows. Cycled windows are minimized when you cycle out of them.
  • Ctcp sound now handles quoted LFNs, and you can specify a quoted LFN with the /sound command.
  • Made a change in the way mIRC submits /list *wildcard* on the new DALnet servers, the method mIRC was using before wasn\'t being recognized, so the entire channels list was being sent.
  • The Find dialog in the Editor now remembers past searches.
  • Fixed bug in /writeini and $readini relating to items prefixed with [, windows writes multiple items of the same name in this situation, mIRC changes the [ to ~ to prevent this.
  • Fixed local variables memory allocation bug.
  • Fixed bug with Control-K inserting text in a read-only editbox.
  • Added $dialog() .cw and .ch properties, return width and height of client area of dialog, ie. not including titlebar, borders, etc.
  • Added custom dialog {} item option with properties dbu and pixels, allows you to specify whether the dialog uses dialog base units for measuring control sizes and dialog width/height.

    Using dialog base units ensures that your dialog will appear the same size for all users on any size display etc.

    Also added /dialog -bp switch, indicates that the width/height is in dialog based units or pixel units.

  • $fline() now strips BURC codes from the text before tying to find a match.
  • /did -g no longer makes an icon visible if it was hidden before.
  • $did().visible now works properly for icons.
  • $did() on an icon now returns the index and filename of the icon.
  • Fixed bug in drag-drop onto channel nick listbox.
  • Fixed bug with always get... switches being turned off in some situations.
  • Improved hotlinks to recognize %#channels only on ircx servers, and !#channels only on ircnet servers.
  • Added event on 1:HOTLINK:wildtext:*/#/?/@/=:/commands, works slightly differently from normal events, eg.

    on ^1:HOTLINK:*help*:#:{
    if ($1 == helpme) return

    on 1:HOTLINK:*:*:echo clicked word $1 in line $hotline

    The first hotlink event is triggered when you move your mouse over a word that matches *help*. You can then check $1 to see if you want the hotlink hand to appear over the word. If you halt the event, no hand will appear. This allows you to filter a word based on context.

    The $hotline identifier returns the line which contained the hotlink trigger.

    Note: the script for this event should be as small and as fast as possible since it triggers each time the mouse is moved over a word matching *help*

    The second hotlink event is triggered when you double-click on a word which has been filtered through the first hotlink event.

  • mIRC now expands tab characters in text in custom @windows.
  • /window -c now works with the Link list window.
  • Fixed tab key nickname bug in query windows.
  • The procedure in the DLL being called by /dll and $dll() must now be of the form:

    int __declspec(dllexport) __stdcall proc(HWND, HWND, char *, char *, BOOL, BOOL);

  • You can set the tabstops for tab-delimited text in a custom @window using /window -t T1 T2 ... Tn
  • Fixed bug in Urls list Send To option.
  • Fixed DCC Send dialog gpf bug.
  • The 32bit mIRC under win95/98/NT/etc. now uses the new win95 file dialogs.
  • Fixed gpf bug relating to placing more than one closing brace } on one line in a menu definition.
  • Fixed shift+right-click rollup/down not working with tool @windows.
  • Fixed gpf bug in custom dialogs when holding down spacebar over a button and pressing a cursor key.
  • Added search all switch to find text dialog in editor.
  • Can now /clear =nick for dcc chats.
  • Using a new random number generator which returns unsigned long values, previous generator was returning int values.
  • Added ability to customize time-stamp in options/messages dialog.
  • Lock messages for items locked in the lock dialog are now more informative, eg. when trying to join a locked out channel, etc.
  • Fixed /var bug which may have caused a gpf if /var was used incorrectly.
  • Fixed $initopic() to handle section names containing [] chars which mIRC replaced with ~ chars to prevent ini problems.
  • Added binary operators, $and(a,b), $or(a,b), $xor(a,b), $not(a), $biton(a,n), $bitoff(a,n), $isbit(a,n).
  • $window(name) can now reference all windows.
  • Added support for tab control in custom dialogs, example:
      dialog test {
      title mIRC
      size -1 -1 110 100
      option dbu

      tab m, 1, 5 5 100 90
      tab I, 2
      tab R, 3
      tab C, 4

      button m is for ... ;), 11, 30 50 50 24, ok tab 1
      button I is for Internet, 12, 30 50 50 24, tab 2
      button R is for Relay, 13, 30 50 50 24, tab 3
      button C is for Chat, 14, 30 50 50 24, tab 4

      In the above example, I assigned button controls to specific tabs, so mIRC handles the showing/hiding of them.

      Can use /did -fu to set the focus on a specific tab, and /did -vh to show/hide the control.

      Added $dialog(name) .focus, returns the id of the control (not specifically for tabs, general use) that currently has focus, and .tab, returns the id of the tab that is currently selected.

      Only one tab control can be defined in a dialog.

  • Fixed $disk().free value for 32bit mIRC.
  • mIRC now also displays vLMN channel modes in channel titlebar.
  • Added $timer().secs property, returns number of seconds left till timer is triggered.
  • Added $isupper(text) $islower(text) identifiers, return $true or $false depending on whether text is all upper/lower case.
  • Improved Tab key nick completion in dedicated Message Window.
  • Fixed custom dialog position being reset when minimizing and restoring the main mIRC window to/from an icon.
  • Added /echo -bf switches, apply the beep/flash settings in the window that you\'re /echoing to.
  • Fixed bug in mIRC tray icon under NT/2000.
  • Fixed gpf bug in on SENDFAIL/GETFAIL if you /closed the send/get window in the event itself.
  • $0 now returns the number of space-delimited tokens in $1-.
  • Added $ord(N) identifier, appends st, nd, th as appropriate to the number N.
  • Added right-click popup menus to DCC Send/Get windows for extra functions.
  • Fixed /loadbuf not closing file in some situations.
  • Changed parsing method for $cr, $lf, and $cb so that you can create your own identifiers beginning with these letters. Also changed for: $false $inmidi $inwave $null $online $ticks $titlebar $true $version
  • The ignore list can now be cleared with /ignore -r.
  • Can now /drawrect -e for an empty circle, and /drawrect -ef to draw a filled circle.
  • The routine that displays the modes in the channel titlebar now displays any channel mode that the server sends, sorts the modes alphabetically, except for modes +lk which it adds at the end.
  • Added check if Service name in use at startup in Options dialog DDE section, prevents mIRC from using a DDE name if another mIRC is using it.
  • Added $sock().to returns number of seconds socket has been open.
  • Halting on NOTICE event now prevents the default sounds for that event from playing.
  • /onotice and /omsg will now use @#channel format, and /amsg and /ame will send one privmsg per channel instead of using privmsg #chan1,#chan2,etc., on efnet hybrid-6.
  • Added /dialog -r switch, to center a custom dialog.

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