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mIRC 5.1


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mIRC 5.1  Change Log

  • Fixed actions display bug.
  • Fixed empty first line in alias halting script.
  • Fixed small bug in !nick file.
  • Fixed on DNS being triggered when events are turned off.
  • Fixed remembering window position/size bug.
  • Can now use {} in single-line definitions in popups, they are ignored by the {} parser.
  • Fixed !nick file not working in dcc chats.
  • Fixed sound requests bug, sound request filenames which contain a drive or directory specifier caused problems.
  • Fixed line-wrap bug in minimized @custom window.
  • The /part command sends a /part to the server as usual but now it also closes the specified channel window immediately.
  • Fixed $inmidi returning true/false instead of $true/$false.
  • Fixed Help menu bug, wasn\'t acknowledging selection sometimes.
  • Fixed small bug in on NOSOUND event.
  • Fixed /whois on a notify nick with an address specified.
  • Fixed editbox losing focus when dragdropping a file on a window.
  • Now allows you to clear a users notify sound setting and the dcc get directory application setting by clicking it\'s button.
  • Now allows you to use /ban with an address, if you specify a wild card address, it is used as is. If you specify a full address, the address mask is applied to it.
  • on SERVCLOSE now also triggers on a fileserver time-out, and both on SERVCLOSE and on CHATCLOSE trigger when you close a window manually.
  • Fileserver allows cd into an LFN directory.
  • Added $getdir(*.ext) returns download directory for filetype.
  • Can now use /titlebar @window to change topic of custom window.
  • /run command no longer changes specified line to lower case.
  • You can now specify a window name for the on INPUT event by using the format on 1:input:*/#/?/@:/commands.
  • Added $alias(N/filename) and $script(N/filename) identifiers.
  • On connecting, if mIRC doesn\'t receive a 375 (RPL_MOTDSTART) before recieving 372\'s (RPL_MOTD), it shows the 372\'s.
  • Server IP Address lookup method is now different, it gets the IP address from the actual connection so it doesnt have to look it up, and after connecting it looks up the named address with a /userhost. For new IRCnet servers, mIRC uses the address in the numeric 001 when first connecting instead of /userhost.
  • Fixed notify bug (?) previous method was causing problems, so have reverted to sending all notify lines immediately.
  • Improved tabbed dialogs display, there should no longer be any flickering in the display.
  • Modified some icons, also added an mIRC scripts icon.
  • Fixed !nick filename bug which wouldn\'t work if a user specified a message after the filename.
  • Added internal version info to exe.
  • Changed display method of icons in switchbar buttons.
  • Fixed com1, com2, etc. device bug (?)
  • Added copy option to URL list popup menu.
  • Send To option in URL list popup menu now doesn\'t send description of address if it\'s the same as the address.
  • Added support for /locops.
  • Fixed old parsing bug relating to positioning of : character, affects general server commands such as /wallops, /globops, /away, /stats, /who, /userhost, etc.
  • Can now specify -n with /run to minimize a window.
  • Added All button in replace text dialog.
  • Can now specify a @window name in $findfile() as the Nth parameter and it will output list of matching files to @window if it exists.
  • Fixed /fingering an IP address.
  • /.dns now hides output of dns results.
  • Fixed bug in switchbar display when showing/minimizing windows.
  • When the switchbar is turned on, minimizing URL and Notify windows is now the same as closing them.
  • URL Catcher now catches email addresses.
  • Improved method for closing down a connection, should prevent the problems with the computer hanging when disconnecting from a server.
  • Added $window().titlebar property identifier.
  • Improved memory usage of /dns, socks host, and finger routines.
  • $address identifier can now be used to refer to the address in the titlebar of a query window.
  • Added -a switch to /write command which appends the text to the specified line.
  • Added /clipboard command, copies text to the clipboard.
  • Major decrease in DCC Send/Get memory usage. Also the /pdcc method has changed, should be faster now.
  • Fixed logging switch in window system menu when changing to/from desktop/mdi window mode.
  • Text @windows no longer wrap text.
  • Can now /loadbuf a window\'s log file into its window.
  • Added $query(nick).address which refers to the address in the query window titlebar. Note: this address could be incorrect and is not available until after you receive a message from the user.
  • Fixed popup menu bug which was resulting in processing of lines following the end of a definition.
  • If no dclick item is specified in a menu script, mIRC uses the /command definition of a @window for the double-click.
  • Fixed /help passing parameters.
  • Fixed on dns ip address bug.
  • Added $ltimer identifier, returns number of last started timer.
  • Added $email identifier, returns email address in setup dialog.
  • Fixed any ctcpreply beginning with PING being interpreted as a ping reply.
  • Added (v1 isletter v2) comparison, where v1 is a letter in the list of letters in v2 (v2 optional).
  • Added $ignore(N/address) identifier, with .type property.
  • Added /sline [-a|r] #channel N/nick command.
  • Changed identifier parsing routine so that it is now independent of the command parsing routine, which allows...
  • Identifers and variables in Menu definitions, Full Name, and Quit message are now evaluated.
  • Lines in finger server file are now evaluated if they are prefixed with a $ character.
  • Fixed dclick in menu script definition being triggered for a window even if the popup name in /window wasn\'t specified.
  • Added $ialchan(address,#channel,N).
  • Now handles floating point numbers (precision to 5 digits only).
  • Fixed recursive gpf with multiple script on start/load calls.
  • Fixed toolbar buttons display bug (?) buttons appeared incorrectly under some graphics drivers.
  • Added $round(N,D) rounds to closest integer and $int(N) chops off decimal point.
  • Can now use Shift-F1 in dialogs.
  • Added $calc(N) identifier, allows you to perform mathematical calculations, combining brackets, terms, variables, identifiers, handles operator precedence, etc. eg.:

    //echo 1 $calc(3.14159 * (2 ^ %x % 3) - ($ticks / (10000 + 1)))

  • Added Address Book which replaces the Uwho dialog. You can use the command /uwho as usual to /whois a user, or you can use the command /abook to display the currently stored info on a user. Can display pictures only in BMP format. You can pop up the Address book with Alt-B.
  • Can now /list to list just the specified channels.
  • When you manually turn on logging for a window you can now specify a log filename which will be remembered across sessions until you turn logging off. Turning off logging for a window is now also stored across sessions, so once you turn it off it needs to be manually turned on again later (the auto-log option won\'t override it).
  • Script errors such as invalid if statements, identifiers, non-existent gotos, etc. now report line number/filename.
  • Fixed toolbar tracking mouse when mIRC isn\'t the active application.
  • Fixed bugs relating to If statements and [ ] brackets.
  • Fixed custom identifers returning garbage if no /return is used.
  • Added $link(N) identifer for Links window, with properties .addr, .ip, .level, and .info.
  • Added /editbox [-s|-a|[=]window] [text] command which fills the editbox of the specified window with text. If no text is specified, the editbox is cleared.
  • If you press the Up/Down key to view the previous/next line in an editbox, and you are at the bottom of the editbox, the current line is first saved. If you\'re at the bottom of the buffer and you press down, the editbox is cleared.
  • Can now specify a range of lines with /dline, eg:
    /dline @name N[-N2] delete lines N to N2
  • Can now customize colurs in Colour dialog by right-clicking on a colour box. Note: only SOLID colours can be used.
  • Added Script ordering dialog for aliases and remote scripts.
  • Tweaked text display routine.
  • Fixed appearance of mode change when using /channel dialog.
  • Added Lock files option to logging dialog. If turned on, log files are opened, written to, and only closed when logging is turned off or window is closed. If turned off, log files are opened, written to, and closed each time a new line is written to the log.
  • Listboxes can now display coloured lines, eg. custom windows, the links list window, etc.
  • Now displays a square around selected colour box in colour dialog.
  • Control codes are now interpreted in Channels list, Links list, URL list, and custom window listboxes.
  • The channel nicknames list no longer jumps around when nicks are added/removed/modified to/from/in it, and selections and nick colours remain constant across nick/mode changes.
  • Added command /cline [colour] @name N, allows you to set the colour of the specified line.
  • Fixed /squit.
  • Fixed handling PONG server reply that isn\'t fully specified. This was causing the flood protect mechanism to stall and not send any buffered text.
  • Control codes in /titlebar text are now stripped out.
  • The Check Brackets button in the Editor dialog now turns into a sort variables button when viewing the variables section.
  • Fixed Control-Shift-Tab bug, was stopping at channel windows.
  • Decreased the number of memory allocations in the command parsing routine by over 50%, in some cases it may be close to 100% decrease. There is a slight increase in script processing speed, but this change should mainly affect mIRC running under NT.
  • Fixed $asc() bug.
  • Added -s switch to /play command, allows you to play commands to status window, and can now also /play while not connected to server.
  • Fixed /remove command.
  • [removed]
  • Added [+m|-m] switch to /creq and /sreq to turn minimize on/off.
  • Fixed $replace() gpfing with long lines.
  • Now displays numeric 329 with channel creation time.
  • Added auto-arrange icons and auto-cascade options to Window menu.
  • Line separator is now not printed again if the previous line was a line separator.
  • /wallchops command is now translated into the /onotice command.
  • Can now queue multiple /dns requests. If an address is already in the DNS queue, it is not added again.
    Note: because of the way the DNS lookup works, any DNS related functions currently in progress eg. connecting to a server, must be resolved before subsequent requests. This means that if a prior DNS is having problems resolving, subsequent DNSs have to wait until it times out before they can be resolved.
  • Added auto-overwrite option for DCC Gets.
  • Changed DCC Options dialog into a tabbed dialog for more space.
  • Added events on 1:QUERYOPEN/QUERYCLOSE:/echo $nick $address. Note that $address may not always be available.
  • Now displays messages sent to @#channel properly, and $target is also set correctly with the @ prefix.
  • For DALnet 4.4.11 & Undernet 2.10 or higher /onotice now sends message in the format: /notice|/msg @#Channel.
  • Custom Menubar on|off is no longer an option. If there is popup text in the Menubar section of the Editor, the menubar will be displayed automatically.
  • Fixed rubbish text appearing in Editor dialog when switching from Users/Variables to a script section via the View menu.
  • When selecting File/New in Editor dialog, any changes in the current editbox are now remembered.
  • Can now use /savebuf [-s|-f] etc. to save status/finger buffer, a window name should not be specified.
  • When a channel is first joined, mIRC now saves to the channels logfile: channel topic, topic set by, channel URL, and channel creation time.
  • URL catcher now doesn\'t chop off addresses with ? and = in them.
  • /partall now works offline.
  • Added /dqwindow [on|off|show|hide|min] which allows you to change the dedicated query window setting, and to manipulate the window.
  • When listing info on a specific channel eg. /list #mIRC, your channels.txt file is not over-written.
  • Fixed handling multiple lines pasted into editbox and parsing by on INPUT event.
  • Added /winhelp command for opening help files.
  • Added -h switch to /aline/dline/etc. line commands which highlights the icon of the window in which the change is being made.
  • Added $timezone identifier, for the 32bit version the return value epends on timezone setting in Windows, for the 16bit the return value depends on the TZ environment variable in your autoexec.bat.
  • Fixed /timer -o switch bug.
  • Added mIRC DCC Server, listens by default on port 59 for special mIRC DCC connections. To turn the dcc server on/off you can use the command:

    /dccserver [+|-scf] [on|off] [port]

    You can send/chat/fserve the dcc server using the DCC Send/Chat dialogs and specifying an IP address instead of a nickname (you can also specify both a nickname and IP address, mIRC will use the ip address to connect).
    From the command line, you can use /dcc [send|chat|fserve] with an IP Address instead of a nickname to initiate a connection to the DCC Server. Note: /dcc fserve only works for IP connections and does not work via IRC.

    Chat Protocol
    Client connects to Server and sends:
    100 clientnickname
    When Server receives this, it sends:
    101 servernickname
    Connection is established, users can now chat.

    Fserve Protocol
    Client connects to Server and sends:
    110 clientnickname
    When Server receives this, it sends:
    111 servernickname
    Connection is established, user can now access fserve.

    Send Protocol
    Client connects to Server and sends:
    120 clientnickname filesize filename
    When Server receives this, it sends:
    121 servernickname resumeposition
    Where resumeposition is between 0 and filesize, and is required.
    Connection is established, and Server dcc gets the file.

    Get Protocol
    Client connects to Server and sends:
    130 clientnickname filename
    When Server receives this, it sends:
    131 servernickname filesize
    When Client receives this, it sends:
    132 clientnickname resumeposition
    Where resumeposition is between 0 and filesize, and is required.
    Connection is established, and Server dcc sends the file.

    a) The Get protocol has been implemented in this way mainly because I\'m assuming:
      1) The client may not be able to open a socket to listen for and accept a connection (firewall etc.)
      2) The DCC Server may only be able to listen for connections on port 59 (firewall etc.)
      3) Since the client was able to connect to the DCC Server the first time, it should have no problem connecting to the same port again.
    b) Currently the Get Protocol is ONLY used by the Fileserver when a user (who has connected to a Fileserver via the DCC Server) requests a get filename. All other attempts to Get a file via the DCC Server are ignored.

    If server receives unexpected information, or doesn\'t recieve info 15 seconds after initial connection, it closes the connection.
    If service is unavailable, server sends:
    150 servernickname

    If server rejects connection, it sends:
    151 servernickname

  • Fixed timer().time bug.
  • Fixed $duration() bug.
  • Can now specify multiple @window names with the menu prefix in remote scripts, eg.:

    menu @info,@test,@blah {
    squawk:/echo squawk!

  • Fixed gpf when using /close for certain types of windows in remote events.
  • Fixed /links not displaying info correctly when only retrieving partial info.
  • Fixed text wrap bug when a window is minimized.
  • To force /uwho to lookup a users idletime/awayinfo/etc. you can now use /uwho nick nick (just like /whois).
  • Added $editbox(window) identifier which returns contents of editbox for the specified window.
  • /splay can now play LFN filenames.
  • Fixed appending _ to a filename when a dir of the same name exists (excluding .extension)
  • Enhanced /font command, can now change font by specifying parameters,
    eg. /font 712 ms sans serif

    /font [-a|-s|window]

  • Added support for IRCnet\'s 005 numeric.

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