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mIRC 5.71


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mIRC 5.71  Change Log

  • Fixed text wrapping bug in /gtalk.
  • Fixed scrollbar not being displayed in address book nick listbox.
  • Fixed switchbar display bug.
  • The toolbar/switchbar now use colour 255,0,255 as the background transparent colour.
  • Changed the way $null is processed when used in identifiers.
  • Fixed bug with mark/copy routine display not working properly when an Agent is over a window.
  • Voice commands may or may not work in desktop windows, this seems to be a limitation of the SR software you are using.
  • Fixed icon display bug in custom dialogs.
  • Can now have unlimited controls per tab section in a custom dialog, also fixed bug with visible/hidden state not being preserved for controls.
  • Fixed Editor dialog display bug when minimizing all via task bar menu.
  • Fixed bug in handling of port ranges for IRC servers list.
  • When clicking the Connect button to connect to a server, you can now hold down the Control key to force mIRC to use the next server in the list.
  • Fixed /close bug.
  • Fixed quit message in channel window not showing user\'s address.
  • $dbuw and $dbuh now return a decimal value.
  • Fixed small offset bug in $window().dx/dy.
  • Now checks for /window @Invalid Format.
  • Changed behaviour in editbox which was making it incompatible with applications which paste text into mIRC, eg. NJStar.
  • Changed default editbox in Editor dialog back to standard non-rtf editbox, the rtf editbox was behaving oddly.
  • Clicking right-button in a non-active window editbox now makes the window active.
  • Added option in lock dialog to hide the list of channels/queries in tray menu when mIRC is locked.
  • Added mIRC window always on top switch to Windows dialog.
  • Fixed bug in handling of {} brackets in some situations.
  • Added /username and /emailaddr command, allow you to set the corresponding values in the connect dialog.
  • Should handle UNC paths/filenames properly now.
  • If you do $dir sounds\\*.*, the full path defaults to the mIRC dir.
  • Can now send !nick file to channel by pressing Control+Enter.
  • DCC Send filetype ignored message now shows filename.
  • Added support for JPG and PNG files in 32bit mIRC.
  • Fixed background picture bug, if the bmp was very small the fill\r mode would fail to display it properly.
  • Number of users in channel now shown in channel titlebar.
  • Added $poscs() case sensitive version of $pos().
  • You can now use to turn these options off in the /gopts -b command.
  • Fixed display bug if you had paragraph-spacing turned on in a window with a background picture.
  • Can now use $ids and &vars in custom dialog tables.
  • Fixed bug in $base(), can handle larger values. It now also strips out 0x number prefix, eg. from 0x0809.
  • Agent now tries to set the language id for speaking based on the language id of the TTS module on your system. If it can\'t, it defaults to a US language ID. Can now also be set manually with /gopts -n where langid is the hex id value.
  • DCC chat send/recv errors now trigger the on close event.
  • Fixed +e handling on Conference Room servers which use +e as a channel mode, not as the exception list mode as on IRCnet.
  • $mask() now replaces part of an address containings an equal \'=\' sign with a \'*\' wild card, for ircds, eg. conference room, that encrypt part of the address and use \'=\' to mark it.
  • Fixed paragraph spacing not working in listbox windows, eg. notify list, etc.
  • Fixed gpf bug in the view menu in the Popups editor dialog.
  • Fixed bug with spacebar not displaying popup menu in a listbox.
  • $window() now lists dcc chat windows as =chatname to be compatible with $active.
  • Added /clearial command to clear the internal address list.
  • Added /socklist command, lists open custom sockets.
  • Fixed bug with /remini, mIRC now replaces all [] characters in ini section names and headers with ~ when using ini commands and identifiers.
  • Changed Highlight method, when using wildcards the wildcard text is matched against individual words separated by spaces, instead of against the whole line, eg. est* will match Now testing.
  • Added /play -b switch, plays text in the clipboard to a window. The text is temporarily saved to a file playqN.txt, which is deleted once playing is completed.
  • Fixed page up/down scrolling too far when using paragraph line spacing.
  • Fixed switchbar display for time-out dcc sends/gets.
  • mIRC now maintains an internal banlist for each channel. Added $chan().banlist, returns $true if mode +b has been seen already, or $false if not, or $inmode if currently in a mode +b listing. Added $banlist(#channel,N) identifier, returns Nth item, or if N is 0 returns total number of items in list. $banlist().by returns the address of the user who set the ban, and $banlist().date returns the date. Note: this feature does not work on ircx servers.
  • The isop comparison now evalutes to true if a nick is an owner on ircx servers.
  • Added support for menus in custom dialogs:
      dialog name {
      menu ext, [, menuid]
      item ext, [, menuid]
      item break, [, menuid]

      If you don\'t specify a [menuid] for an item, it will use the last menuid that was created/used in a previous menu/item.

      on 1:dialog:name:menu:*:{
      echo 5 $dname $devent $did

      You can use /did -ebcuadio to enable/disable, check/uncheck, append, delete, insert, and overwrite a menu item.

      To add an item to a menu you can use: /did -a name .

      To insert an item you must use: /did -i name where is the item before which you want to insert an item.

      Note: You can use the text reak to refer to a break item in the /did command.
  • Fixed while loop bug in custom window popup menus.
  • Ctcp version requests are now queued, and the replies are sent once every few seconds.
  • DCC Get now locks the file being downloaded to prevent it being modified/over-written by a second download or other applications.
  • Can now resize nicknames listbox in channel windows.
  • Added DCC Fail event sound to Sounds section.
  • Changed /url [on|off|show|hide|-ran] [[N|mark]|address] -r removes either the Nth item, or all items that match the mark. You can also do /url -an address to visit a new URL, where -a = activate browser, -n = use new browser window.
  • Added $bytes(N,bkmgt3).suf identifier, returns comma formatted filesize.
  • Improved /var, now handles identifiers containing commas better though note that you should use the equal sign in the definition, eg. /var %x = etc.
  • Added $sock().wserr,wsmsg returns winsock error number and message for a socket in the event of a socket error.
  • Custom dialog Tab control now automatically adds a scrollbar if the tabs don\'t fit the width of the tab control.
  • Fixed $prop and $isid not working in $iif() identifier.
  • Added Show mode prefix to IRC dialog, prefixes nicks in messages with their .@%+ mode on a channel.
  • Fixed memory bug in dcc window popup menus.
  • Server socket now binds to a random local port.
  • File type selection in file dialogs is now set more intelligently.
  • Added Agents section to Options dialog. You can also turn agent on or off for a window via the channel or query window system menu.

    Added new switches:

    /gtalk -lu switch, where -l applies lexicon settings to text, and -u uses the speech settings, ie. pitch, volume, the increase speed setting, etc.

    /gload -h and /gopts -h switch, makes mIRC hide the agent when mIRC is minimized. Also added $agent().hide property. You can also use the -h switch with the other agent commands to prevent them from popping the agent when mIRC is minimized and has the -h setting.

  • Added /loadbuf -r switch, resets contents of window.
  • Fixed bug in /ignore /auto /protect, if you used -r to remove an address, and the entry contained a #channel, the address wasn\'t being removed.
  • Fixed bug with control+copy when copying text and control codes.
  • Fixed bug when using /filter -io where dialog name contained a \'.\' character.
  • $mklogfn() now appends date to filename if you have the dated logfiles option turned on in the logging dialog.
  • Fixed max dcc gets bug in fileserver.
  • Added custom dialog editbox item limit N which limits text in an editbox to N characters.
  • Can now rename tabs in a tab control using /did.
  • Added /hop [#channel [key]] command, parts the current channel and joins a new one. If no channel is specified, it parts and rejoins the current channel without closing the window.
  • Can now use /url to open email addresses as well.
  • Added hyperlinks to custom dialogs:

    link est, id, x y w h

  • Added $disk().size property.
  • Added $file().atime, .mtime, .ctime, return last access and modify time, and creation time.
  • Fixed bug with $findfile() and $finddir() not being able to see local variables in a command.
  • For ircx compatible servers which mIRC doesn\'t recognize, you can send /ircx to the server on connect, and if mIRC receives the 800 numeric reply, it will treat the server as ircx internally.
  • Fixed switchbar display bug when windows are maximized in some situations.
  • Added /showmirc -op switches, -o sets mIRC on top, -p removes the on top setting.
  • Changed the ignore types feature in dcc options, now works as ignore all except. Also added ignore timer, allows you to turn off the ignore temporarily.
  • Fixed positions of windows not being saved correctly if windows taskbar was positioned to top or left of desktop.
  • Fixe $sdir changing folder name to lowercase.
  • The notice sent before initiating a DCC chat for a fileserver now says DCC Fserve instead of DCC Chat.
  • Added Kick event to Options/IRC/Show dialog and Channel central.
  • Added Highlight nicknames option to Display/options dialog, it colours nickname prefixes in messages with the highlight text\r colour.

    Note: if you use the /cline command to colour a nickname in a channel nicklist, the nicks colour in the listbox is used as the highlight colour.

  • Fixed bug in mark/copy routine, in some cases may not have been copying text to clipboard properly.
  • Fixed bug with ! command prefix, was affecting subsequent commands when used in a script.
  • Fixed /drawcopy bug.
  • Added menu { rclick:/command } event, only triggers in a custom @window if no menu items are defined.

    Also added $ property, returns $true if a mouse event occurred in a listbox.

  • Improved support for dual monitor displays in 32bit mIRC, added switch to Display/options dialog.
  • Added $nick().colour property, returns nickname colour, if it\'s not coloured, returns highlight colour.

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