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mIRC 5.51


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mIRC 5.51  Change Log

  • Fixed /dcc send not centering dcc send dialog over active window.
  • Fixed /help bug.
  • Corrected on dialog description in help file, should have been on 1:dialog:etc.
  • Improved handling of channels/nicknames in hotlinks.
  • Fixed Menubar gpf bug. Now also handles the first menu item in the menubar definition more intelligently, ie. if it\'s meant to be a submenu, or the title of menubar.
  • /titlebar now also updates tray icon tooltip.
  • Fixed icon highlight bug when switchbar is turned off and a window is iconified.
  • Fixed query window position/size saving bug.
  • Fixed /ison resource string bug.
  • Fixed .ignore menu item in query popup menu definition.
  • Fixed notify icon highliting too often.
  • Fixed fileserver string resources bug.
  • Fixed date log files bug in 32bit being turned on under win32s.
  • Fixed $isdir() and $isfile() bugs.
  • Fixed List channels dialog not centering over channels list window.
  • Fixed /amsg and /ame not being timestamped.
  • Watch support is now triggered by the WATCH= token in numeric 5, not specifically associated with DALnet servers. Also, mIRC will only request N WATCH nicks as indicated by WATCH=N, plus one extra nick to trigger the Maximum size for WATCH-list is N entries message from the server.
  • Fixed mIRC reseting the IRC server name after exiting the options dialog.
  • Fixed $? and other dialog identifiers not being performed when called from a /timer started in a remote event.
  • Pressing OK or ESCape in custom dialogs now clicks the Ok or Cancel buttons respectively if there are any.
  • Fixed mouse related bug that was eating up resources.
  • Added Hotlinks on/off option in Options dialog General section.
  • Fixed /did -b bug moving focus to next control.
  • Fixed $calc() bug.
  • Fixed Editor not remembering last popup that was being edited after quitting and then running mIRC.
  • Extended Trim log files feature to allow greater log file sizes.
  • Corrected description of $pos() in help file.
  • Fixed a bug in the flood control method, was sometimes ordering lines sent to a user in the wrong order.
  • DCC Chat window now allows you to perform commands after the dcc session ends.
  • Corrected on open event description in help file.
  • Sorting the servers list now places non-group servers at end of list.
  • Added $dialog() properties x,y,w,h,title,modal,table,ok,cancel,result.
  • Added /dialog -ax switches; -ma creates a dialog and uses the currently active window as the parent, and -x closes a dialog without triggering any events.
  • Fixed bug with Beeping/Flashing settings not being remember for dcc chat windows.
  • Fixed checkboxes with push style only triggering sclick event when they were checked. Now also trigger when unchecked.
  • Fixed bug related to not ignoring a user if you have a query window open with them and their address matches an ignore address.
  • Fixed /map not being displayed on non-DALnet servers, the numerics conflict with the new support of the DALnet WATCH list.
  • Fixed bug in /dialog tables, if the x y w h were separated by extra spaces they were being misread.
  • mIRC now shows the server text for numeric 375 (Start of MOTD) instead of using it\'s own internal text.
  • Fixed drag-drop filenames being made lower-case.
  • Fixed shift-key behaviour when minimizing mIRC to tray.
  • Added -3 and -4 values to $dialog(), -3 opens the dialog using the current active mIRC window as the parent, and -4 opens the dialog using the current active mIRC dialog as the parent, if no dialog is open, it defaults to -3.
  • Fixed bug in $gmt, added $gmt(format) same as in $asctime().
  • Added /write -w switch which finds a line that contains the matching wildcard text. Also extended -sw switches so you can now specify multiple words enclosed in \ quotes.
  • Fixed bug in /write and $read -switch processing.
  • Fixed bug with Address Book not starting certain emailers properly.
  • Fixed mIRC creating a second query window if your script opened one itself during the on ^open event.
  • Fixed editbox buffer bug.
  • Fixed tree display bug in options dialog when using a large systen font.
  • Fixed /copy using mIRC as root dir when filename is prefixed with the \\ root dir prefix.
  • Fixed hide style not applying to icons in a /dialog on creation.
  • Added /play -e switch, /echos out the text as it would be sent to the server.
  • DCC Chat editbox is no longer cleared when the connection is made.
  • Fixed not being able to enter Control-K etc. codes in Find dialog.
  • Fixed bug in /rmdir.
  • [removed]
  • Fixed bug in DCC Server.
  • Fixed loading popup changing the popup view.
  • /did no longer triggers dialog events when a control is modified.
  • Can now use /did -co switches together for a checkbox.
  • $calc() now treats $null values as zero.
  • $?, $dialog(), and /dialog now warn you if you try to use them from inside an event. You should use /timer to initiate them, and they will appear after the event ends.

    Note: /dialog was causing problems when called from an event, there was no way to get around this unfortunately due to the current script parser design.

  • Added /did -nm, -n to enable and -m to disable an editbox.
  • $replace() and $remove() now accept $null values.
  • Fixed /dialog -n not removing topmost setting.
  • Fixed /window -ou not updating system menu.
  • Fixed /timer -e bug.
  • Updating an existing users info from the Whois tab in the Address Book dialog no longer clears the notes for that user.
  • If your notify list is turned off, mIRC no longer interferes with the display of /watch.
  • /run now accepts quoted filenames to handle LFNs.
  • /splay no longer displays error messages if the . prefix is used.
  • Added custom dialog style \'size\' for listboxes, forces the listbox to be sized to the vertical size you specify instead of being rounded to the nearest whole size for a listbox item.
  • Fixed /dialog -s sizing bug when used in dialog init event.
  • Can now use %variables in dialog table definitions for certain items: title, size, ext, id, and icon name and n index.
  • Fixed bug in processing of /whowas numeric reply resetting a users notify list status.
  • Fixed extraneous line highlight bug after a /sound in a dcc chat which is halted by an on chat event.
  • Fixed bug in View Website menu item in Channels list window popup menu turning URL to lowercase.
  • Fixed bug with Notify list sounds not being played if only show notifies in notify window switch was turned on.
  • If /whois is turned on for a user in the notify list, and show notifies in active window is on, the /whois will now also appear in the active window.
  • Fixed bug in timing of /timer hh:mm timer request.
  • Improved IP address checking routine to prevent it from matching a wildcard IP address with a named address.
  • Fixed /msg -s =nick bug.
  • Fixed bug in $ulist(*) wasn\'t returning all addresses.
  • Can now specify an icon in a dialog table without a filename, to allow you to set it later.
  • Added Timestamp Logs switch to logging options dialog, allows you to turn on time-stamping just for log files.
  • Fixed bug with . prefix in a menu definition, was confusing the popup menu parser in some situations.
  • Fixed /whois not being issued for users in notify list after the first notification.
  • Fixed email catcher bug.
  • Numeric 404 can\'t send to channel is now displayed in the channel window if it is open.
  • Can now use /window on =chat windows, and other windows by enclosing the window name in quotes.
  • Added /window -gN switch to set/remove hilight for a window icon, where 0 = none, 1 = red, 2 = green.
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