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mIRC 5.41


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mIRC 5.41  Change Log

  • Fixed win32s under win3.x display bug in 32bit mIRC.
  • Fixed bug with private messages text-wrap when using ^ events.
  • Can now use %variables or $identifiers in the Perform Highlight words.
  • Can now do /dcc send nickname .
  • Fixed $sdir bug.
  • Fixed bug in auto-arrange/cascade/tile options.
  • Fixed SOCKS firewall support bugs.
  • Channel Central dialog now allows mode +h users on TS4 efnet to change the channel settings.
  • /remove now tells you if you specified a non-existent file but doesn\'t halt processing.
  • Changed Channel central dialog behaviour, no longer resets channel modes unless they\'ve been changed.
  • Fixed bug in $calc() with very long strings.
  • Fixed bug in inactive DCC Chat windows, editbox allows you to copy text from it but entered text is not processed in any way.
  • $chan().ial now returns $true if the IAL is full, $false if it isn\'t, or $inwho if you sent a /who #channel to the server to fill the IAL and the IAL isn\'t full yet.
  • Improved winsock error checking.
  • Fixed bug in /goto command where it was incorrectly reporting a ot found error instead of a duplicate name error in some situations where you had duplicate goto names in a script.
  • Fixed bug in the remote events in %variables in remote event definition not being processed correctly if it evaluated to just #.
  • Fixed /renwin bug allowing you to rename a @window to any name without the @ prefix.
  • Fixed $read bug when reading a line with only a space in it.
  • Fixed disappearing DCC windows bug.
  • Fixed bug with URL/Email catcher being turned off when using the Send To menu in the URL window popup menu.
  • Fixed bug with Status window not remembering Desktop/MDI position.
  • Fixed editbox/listbox focusing bug.
  • Fixed BURC code stripping in IRC Switches not applying to channel topics.
  • Using the . prefix to hide /play command information now also hides the /msg command information when sending to a user/channel.
  • Fixed @window listbox background colour bug not being reset when using colour control codes in text.
  • Fixed editbox processing bug in custom @windows.
  • Fixed /ignore -x exclusion bug.
  • Fixed bug in on OPEN event, was preventing on TEXT/ACTION events from triggering if on OPEN was /halted.
  • Can now specify whether you want DCCs to go through the Socks Firewall or not.
  • Fixed /renwin bug, was halting scripts.
  • Fixed bug when processing $? in combination with $+ in some situations.
  • $findfile() and $finddir() in 32bit mIRC now maintain case of filenames.
  • Fixed bug with wave playing not working with certain sound drivers. Note that simple sound drivers eg. speaker driver, are very limited and don\'t support mIRC\'s queuing of sounds feature, etc.
  • Fixed /cline when colour not specified, sets to default colour.
  • Fixed ctcp event not processing wildcard ctcps, eg.

    ctcp 1:*ping*:echo $1-

  • Fixed DCC Send CTCP request not working with IRC clients that add an extra ID number to the CTCP message, mIRC v5.4 also uses this extra ID to identify DCC Send requests through a SOCKS firewall. If mIRC sees an ID but can\'t match it internally, it assumes it\'s not valid and processes the CTCP as a normal DCC Send request.
  • Improved handling of long filenames in commands: /dcc send, /unload, /mkdir, /loadbuf, /savebuf, /filter, and /window.
  • Fixed bug in /font command.
  • Extended various commands/identifiers/etc. that reference listboxes so that they can now process any number of selected lines.
  • Can now /clear -n with a picture window, where -n delays update of the display until you force an update (same as with other picture window commands).
  • Fixed bug in $iif(), remote identifiers in it where not being evaluated.
  • Added $inpoly(x,y,x1,y1,...,xN,yN) identifier which returns $true if x,y is inside the polygon made up of the specified points, otherwise $false.
  • Changed DCC Server 150 and 151 replies, they now return unavailable and ejected instead of a nickname.
  • Added .dx and .dy properties to $window(), return the x and y position of a window relative to the desktop.
  • Changed $notify() so that it works with your whole notify list. Added .ison property, returns $true if user is on IRC, otherwise $false.
  • Fixed bug with status window receiving focus in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug in /write command when /writing to files that aren\'t on the same hard-disk as the mIRC exe file.
  • Fixed freezing bug in $dde, $read, and $readini when used within other identifiers in some situations.
  • The on DNS event is now triggered if you try to /dns a nickname that\'s not on IRC and the server replies with the o such nickname numeric.
  • Fixed bug in listbox windows eg. url/notify/channelslist/etc. when first opening, the background was first set to the main window background colour not the listbox colour, making the window flash.
  • Fixed bug in ip address having a space appended to it when looking up via the server method. Shouldn\'t have affected processing though.
  • Extended $mask() and all other mask-related commands/identifiers, so that you can now specify a type of 10 to 19 which correspond to masks 0 to 9, but instead of using a * wildcard to replace portions of an address, it uses ? wildcards to replace the numbers in the address.
  • Fixed bug in /window -h switch not setting window focus correctly.
  • Fixed /list command so that it works correctly with older DALnet ircds that don\'t support serverside filtering.
  • The value of $halted can now be checked in any event to see if a previous event /halted the default text. You can also prefix events with the new & prefix to prevent the event from triggering if $halted is true, eg.

    on &1:text:*:?:/echo this won\'t trigger if $halted is true

  • When mIRC joins a channel and issues a /mode to look up the channel modes, the channel creation time numeric is hidden if sent by the server.
  • Unable to connect to IRC server message now also shows the actual winsock error message.
  • /enable and /disable now accept wildcards.
  • /loadbuf and /savebuf can now work with dcc =chat windows. Also added switches to /loadbuf:

    -cN specifies default text colour
    -e evaluates lines
    -h hides a line if -e is specified and it doesn\'t evaluate

  • Fixed /window -c closing gpf bug when using multiple /window opening and closing commands in the same script.
  • Added $isdde(name) identifier, returns $true if ddename is in use.
  • /background can now change background in dcc =chat windows.
  • Fixed bug in remote * event prefix.
  • Timestamp now shows double digits for the hour.
  • Time related identifiers/routines now return $null if a time value is specified that lies outside the values mIRC can handle.
  • Fixed /.copy showing a line separator incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in Editor dialog, if you loaded a new script and then closed the dialog, the on load event in the script would only trigger if you were in the Remote tab of the dialog.
  • Added -l switch to /ignore [-lpcnitkx] command, specifying the -l switch now displays a list of the ignores which match the specified switches.
  • Fixed bug in Socks firewall handling of a DCC Send to an IP address ie. to a users DCC Server.
  • Fixed /echo -a =chat bug.
  • Fixed switchbar display bug.
  • Fixed /drawtext -p switch background filling bug.
  • If the Channels folder dialog is open while connecting to a server, the Join/Names buttons are enabled on connection.
  • Fixed gpf bug in /cline when trying to use it on an empty window.
  • Extended $os identifier in the 32bit mIRC, it now replies differently depending on whether you\'re on 3.1, 3.1 win32s, 95, 98, and NT. The 16bit is still limited to replying 3.1 or 95.
  • Added $ulist(address,level,N) identifier for referencing the Users list, (replaces $maddress() which is still supported for now).
    You can specify an address of * to match any address in the user list, or a wildcard address. If you don\'t specify a full address, it completes the address with wildcards.
    If you specify L, $ulist() will return matching addresses that contain the specified level.
    Note: L and N are optional, but if you specify only one number, mIRC assumes it is N, to maintain backward compatibility.
  • Changed $calc() evaluation method slightly, this may break existing scripts.
  • Fixed a few /finger and fingerserver related bugs.
  • Fixed /auto -r bug.

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