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mIRC 5.0


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mIRC 5.0  Change Log

  • Fixed /sound command when used with channels which have a . in their name.
  • Title of custom menubar now updates when /loading popup.
  • There\'s no longer a limit on the number of items in a popup menu (apart from the editbox limitation).
  • Fixed /finger bug.
  • Fixed /ignore bug.
  • Fixed $ial() bug.
  • If show query in active window is checked actions should now appear in the active window.
  • Fixed $online identifier.
  • Fixed problem with /sound when the sounds directory contains a space in its name.
  • Fixed notify not being timestamped in certain situations.
  • Added option to strip control codes from log files.
  • Fixed /echo -a gpfing when there\'s no active window.
  • Added $target identifier.
  • The active item for popups has been removed, only exists for the menu bar popup now.
  • Highlighted nickname in channel nick listbox remains highlighted after a nick change.
  • Fixed insert/delete keys in URL list window.
  • Fixed $lines() and $read line counting.
  • Added ignore button to DCC Chat/Get dialogs which allows you to discard and ignore all incoming Chats/Gets from a user for 30 seconds.
  • Changed IRC Servers interface in setup dialog.
  • Added invisible mode option to setup dialog.
  • Changed dialogs to use standard dialog font.
  • Added Midi directory setting in sounds dialog.
  • Added $group(number/name) identifier.
    $group(N) group name
    $group(N).status on/off
    $group(name) same as .status
  • Added ON UNOTIFY event, works the same as ON NOTIFY except triggers when a user leaves IRC.
  • Can now specify the -n switch with $readini to prevent a line from being evaluated.
  • [removed]
  • Delayed Op and Unban now check to see if 1) you\'re on the channel, 2) you\'re an Op, 3) the user exists, before acting.
  • You can now specify different files for each popup menu.
  • Can now save alias/popup/remote files as plain text (non-INI format) by not specifying an .ini file extension.
    NOTE: You can\'t save multiple sections to a plain text file! So if you have all remote sections in remote.ini and want to save them as plain text, you\'ll need to save each section to a separate file. Same goes for aliases/popups.
  • Fixed channel folder join/names bug.
  • Fixed email address stripping of control chars.
  • The delayed unban now prevents duplicate addresses being added to the unban list.
  • Fixed gpf bug when popup item starts with {.
  • [removed]
  • Notify/Unotify now trigger correctly.
  • Query window now displays address of user in titlebar.
  • Added $mididir identifier.
  • Fixed gpf bug when extraneous $+ are used in combination with bracketed identifiers.
  • Added custom window creation/manipulation tools.

    /window [-abcdelnorsx] @name [x y [w h]] [/command] [popup.txt] [font [size]]

    a = activate window
    b = update horizontal scrollbar width for listbox
    c = close window
    d = open as desktop window
    e = editbox
    l = listbox
    n = minimize window
    o = if opened on desktop, place ontop
    r = restore window
    s = use a sorted list
    x = maximize window

    @name = window name (must prefix with a @)
    x,y,w,h = left top width height
    popup.txt = popup filename, loaded when needed(must be a plain non-ini text file)
    /command = default command
    font/size = font name and size (defaults to status window font)

    You can also use /window to manipulate some of the above settings for an existing custom window.
    You can use the following commands to manipulate lines:

    /aline [-cN] @name text add line to list
    /dline @name N delete Nth line
    /iline [-cN] @name N text insert line at Nth line
    /rline [-cN] @name N text replace Nth line
    /sline @name N selects Nth line

    Where -cN allows you to specify the line colour.

    You can use the $window(N/@name) identifer to access the following custom window information:

    $window(N).x left
    $window(N).y top
    $window(N).w width
    $window(N).h height
    $window(N).state minimized/maximized/normal

    To access the lines in a custom window you can use:

    $line(@name,N) returns Nth line
    $sline(@name,N) returns Nth selected line (listbox only)

  • Can now /load popups with these switches:
    -ps status popup
    -pc channel popup
    -pq query/chat popup
    -pn nicklist popup
    -pm menubar popup
  • Fixed indexing bug with alias/popup/remote processing.
  • [removed]
  • mIRC now stores relative (instead of full) file/directory paths, if a path lies inside the mIRC directory.
  • Made (most) buttons the same size.
  • Parameter identifiers changed to:

    $n for parameter n
    $n-n2 for parameters n to n2
    $n- for parameters n onwards

    $parm has also been discontinued, you can use the above to refer to remote parameters from now on.

    Note: This version of mIRC still supports the old $1 and $parm for now but only the above is documented.
  • Added (v1 isvo v2) comparison to check if user v1 has a voice on channel v2.
  • Fixed $numeric not being set when matching any raw event.
  • Added /loadbuf and /savebuf commands.
    /loadbuf [lines]
    /savebuf [lines]

    Where [lines] indicates the number of lines you want to load/save from the end of the file.
  • Can now prevent message display for /ignore, /auto, and /protect with the . prefix.
  • Alias/popup/remote dialogs can now be resized and will remember their size/position.
  • The alias, popup, and remote dialogs have been redesigned to cope with various improvements (see below).
  • You can now load multiple alias files.
  • To /load, /unload, /save files you can use:
    /load filename
    /unload filename
    /save filename
  • The remote dialog and script routines have been improved.
    The format of definitions has changed to:

    ctcp 1:PING:/echo etc.
    on 1:JOIN:#:/echo etc.
    raw 1:*:/echo etc.

    This allows all of these to be intermixed in a single script file. The remote dialog has been altered to cater for only 3 types of files: Users, Variables, and Scripts.

    You can load as many script files as you require. Events will trigger all script files as independent scripts.

    You can also define aliases in a script by using the alias prefix:

    alias test /echo this is a test alias!

    You can also enter initialization commands which are run when a script is *first* loaded by using:

    on 1:LOAD:{ etc. }

    And initialization commands which are run whenever mIRC is first run (and loads scripts automatically) by using:

    on 1:START:{ etc. }

    The START section also runs after the LOAD section when a script is first loaded.

    If a script is loaded from within the remote dialog, auto-run commands are not executed until the dialog is closed.

    The above allows a whole script of ctcps, events, and raw and it\'s related aliases and initializations to be edited and distributed in one file.

    Note: mIRC automatically splits your current remote.ini into separate files and translates the ctcp, event, and raw entries into the new format. To convert old files into the new format use the Convert option in the Remote dialog and load them in as an .ini file because mIRC will need the header info eg. [commands] [events] [raw] to know how to translate them.
  • Added on INPUT event which is triggered when a user enters text into an editbox and presses enter:

    on 1:INPUT:/echo you entered $1-

    You can use /halt to prevent mIRC from processing the text.
  • $chan is now $null if an event is not a channel event.
  • Can now add/change/remove aliases from a specific alias file (not script files) with:

    /alias [filename] [commands]

    When adding/replacing/removing an alias, all alias files are purged of the specified alias.

  • If a file doesn\'t exist mIRC doesn\'t create it if there\'s no information to save to it.
  • Now allows empty lines in aliases and scripts.
  • #group names in scripts now use on and off instead of start and disabled (conversion program will translate these automatically).
  • Added script #group indexing to speed up group processing.
  • Added on USERMODE event.

    on 1:USERMODE:/echo Set usermode to $1-
  • Can now /echo =nick etc.
  • Added on CONNECT event which triggers when the end of an MOTD is reached after connecting to a server (same as the perform section).

    on 1:CONNECT:/echo connected!
  • [removed]
  • Fixed maximum sends check not working in fileserver.
  • Added $inmidi returns true if midi is playing, false if not.
  • Added on MIDIEND event which triggers when a midi finishes playing (but not if you stop it by playing another midi or using /splay stop).

    on 1:MIDIEND:/echo finished playing midi file!
  • Fixed /halt not returning $null.
  • Fixed odd popup menus gpf bug.
  • Added Find option to URL menu in URL list window.
  • Fixed processing of incoming server NOTICES which don\'t have the source and target specified.
  • Can now use & character as a wildcard one word match, eg.
    & lines would &
    These lines would match
  • Now displays notices and messages to @#channel correctly (?)
  • Fixed window focus bug bringing main mIRC window to front when selecting a window.
  • Server pong echos should display correctly.
  • Speeded up URL-from-text extracting routine.
  • Can now use a nickname as well a number in $send() $get() $chat() and $fserv() eg. $send(madgoat).file
  • Fixed offline timers bug.
  • If a remote event calls an alias, that remote events script file is searched first for a matching alias and if no match is found, all other alias and script files are searched.
  • on DNS $nick is set to $null if no nick is specified.
  • Fixed midi playing bug where mIRC thought that a midi file was still playing when it had actually finished.
  • Fixed /play stop bug (?)
  • [removed]
  • Removed switches: own messages are higlighted, actions are purple, and windows colours.
  • Added colour configuration dialog. You will notice that colours for certain types of information have changed slightly, mainly because standardization was required in various places. You can\'t create a custom colour yet, might be added to a future version.
  • Added send/get fail remote events:

    on 1:SENDFAIL:*.txt:/echo failed to send $filename to $nick
    on 1:GETFAIL:*.txt:/echo failed to get $filename from $nick
  • Added $script and $scriptdir which return the file and dir name of the currently executing remote script file.
  • Improved $gettok(), can now specify n1-n2 for the number of tokens you want returned, eg:
    //echo $gettok(a.b.c.d.e,2,46) returns 2nd token
    //echo $gettok(a.b.c.d.e,2-,46) returns tokens 2 onwards
    //echo $gettok(a.b.c.d.e,2-4,46) returns tokens 2 to 4
  • Added $comchan(Nick,N) identifier, returns channels which both you and Nick are on. $comchan(Nick,N).op returns $true if you\'re an Op on that channel. In alias, popup, and remote dialogs can now use Alt+1,2,3,4 etc. to switch to a script.
  • Added support for !nick filename wave/midi get requests. If mIRC receives a request as a private message and you don\'t have a private window open with that person, a new window is not opened, but instead the request is displayed in the status window.
    Also has an option to send your own !nick filename requests as private messages (on by default). This is only done when you are on a channel and you specify a ick that is on that channel, and a .wav or .mid filename.
  • Notifies are now queued and only one line of 500 chars is sent at a time. When a reply for that line is received, the next line is sent. Once replies for all queued lines have been received, the notify results are displayed.
  • The parameter positions of the following identifiers have been standardized to fall in line with other identifiers:


    The old formats are still handled but only the new formats will be documented.
  • Fixed small /list command bug.
  • mIRC help file now remembers it\'s last position/size.
  • Can now use the @ must be op prefix with CTCP remote events that occurr on channels.
  • Notify list now allows you to use an address as well as a nickname, this will only work on IRC servers that allow this.
  • Removed the /commands command, replaced with /ctcps command.
  • Fixed switchbar DCC Button Progress indicator being updated too often which might have slowed mIRC down with multiple dccs.
  • Added Wizard which now pops up when a user has problems connecting, eg. unable to get/resolve local host, unable to resolve/connect to irc server, or being disconnected from a server before the MOTD is displayed.
  • Fixed small /play bug, was evaluating identifiers in lines when it shouldn\'t have been.
  • Fixed /titlebar memory bug.

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