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VirtualDub 1.9.9


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VirtualDub 1.9.9  Change Log

[features added]

  • The log now indicates which plugins failed to load on startup.

[bugs fixed]

  • UI: Fixed a case where the output pane could change aspect ratio when auto pane sizing was enabled and the main frame window was resized.
  • UI: The output pane now has the correct pixel aspect ratio when an input plugin indicates non-square pixels and no filters are used.
  • UI: 6% zoom menu items didn't display checkmarks properly.  
  • AVI: Fixed incorrect decoding of paletted video files when biClrUsed=0 in the header and the input color mode is set to Autoselect.
  • AMD64: Fixed incorrect disassembler module in crash handler.
  • Render: Fixed sporadic hang when using smart rendering with fast recompress mode.
  • Render: Audio is no longer cut off when "cut off when video ends" option is disabled and IVTC filter is used.
  • Filters: Fixed duplicate frame fetches when using lagged filters (ex: temporal smoother) at the very end of the source video stream.
  • Filters: Fixed frame fetch errors when using filters with a frame window (ex: interpolate) at the end of an MPEG-1 video.
  • Filters: Source length was not set during renders.
  • Filters: Fixed garbage line at bottom of frame when using IVTC filter with an odd height.
  • Filters: Fixed bug where filter preview stopped displaying frames past a certain point when edits had occurred on the timeline.
  • Batch: Timeline had wrong frame counts when creating batch jobs via Process Directory or Batch Wizard with a frame rate changing filter (ex: IVTC).
  • Decoders: Fixed decoding of Huffyuv files using median prediction and 4:2:0 encoding.
  • Decoders: Fixed incorrect chroma DC handling with restart markers in MJPEG decoder.

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