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VirtualDub 1.5.3


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VirtualDub 1.5.3  Change Log

[features added]
  • Added preview input/output commands to menu and accelerator tables.
  • Program close allowed during a preview operation.
  • Tweaked job control behavior for jobs that complete with warnings, to be a bit more intuitive.
[bugs fixed]
  • Frame marking didn\'t always mark the correct range and could cause \"Scan for bad frames\" to fail.
  • Fixed invalid batch scripts produced when video codec has a config struct larger than ~6K (Windows Media 9 VCM).
  • Status markers were being logged as warnings in jobs.
  • Conversion to a higher frame rate produced amusing results in Direct video mode. It now produces source frames interspersed with drop frames for nearly zero- cost point upsampling of video.
  • Dubber pretended there was a input-to-output lag if such filters existed in the video chain (temporal smoother), even if the filters weren\'t active. This resulting in duplicated frames (fast/normal) or erroneous zero-byte keyframes (direct) at the end of the output.
  • Arbitrary framerate conversion option wasn\'t disabled in the UI when IVTC was enabled (the two are mutually exclusive).
  • Edit point seeks () didn\'t update the frame windows.
[regression bugs fixed]
  • Fixed pipeline not getting flushed at end of operation, resulting in some frames getting lost.
  • Fixed subset code pulling in wrong frames in direct mode.
  • Interleaving values were inverted and thus always forced one-per-frame.
  • Position slider wasn\'t updating properly around cuts.

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