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VirtualDub 1.3


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VirtualDub 1.3  Change Log

[misc changes]
  • Inverse telecine has been disabled. It\'s not working nearly as well on various sources as I\'d hoped, and so I\'ve disabled it until I have time to fix it.
[features added: main program]
  • Direct support for YUY2 in both processing and capture modes.
  • VirtualDub can now detect when files are about to exceed available disk space and/or the 4Gb FAT32 limit, and close the file before the limit.
  • Replaced puny OS audio compression dialog with better, BIGGER one.
[features added: capture]
  • Capture: Implemented video clock adjustment in capture mode for better audio/video sync.
  • Capture: Fast field swap (RGB, YUY2, UYVY, YVYU).
  • Capture: Fast noise reduction (RGB8, RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, UYVY, YVYU). (Algorithm courtesy of Steven Don).
  • Capture: Fast 2:1 linear and cubic vertical reduction (RGB8, RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, UYVY, YVYU).
  • Capture: CPU usage detection works in Windows NT/2K.
  • Added MMX IDCT routine to MPEG-1 and MJPEG decoding.
  • MJPEG decoding significantly faster.
[bug fixes: main program]
  • MJPEG mode selections no longer crash if the video isn\'t in MJPEG format.
  • Internal MJPEG decoder now handles output from PICVideo and recent Morgan MJPEG codecs.
  • Fixed video filter API causing filters to occasionally receive timestamps in us instead of ms.
  • Fixed MPEG-1 packet sync errors caused by improper handling of sequence end tags.
  • Fixed slight bias in MPEG-1 motion prediction.
  • Fixed MPEG-1 macroblock skipping at slice start [fixes KareKano op].
  • Fixed video compressor confusion when two codecs of the same format are installed under different FOURCCs (e.g. PICVideo and MainConcept).
  • Fixed intermittent file write corruption on NT/2K SMP systems.
  • Filters deinitialized on exit (thanks Joey Liaw).
  • Hitting Cancel on the audio compression dialog no longer disables audio compression.
  • Jobs with extended open options work.
  • Smoother filter saves noise prefilter option.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous \"Unhandled Microsoft C++ Exception\" crashes that were supposed to be errors.
  • Fixed audio segments getting dropped during preview whenever the pipeline stalled temporarily.
  • Fixed the stupid crash requester not saving crashinfo files.
[bug fixes: capture]
  • Fixed capture \'audio relative rate\' value going negative.
  • Fixed not being able to disable \'stupid capture driver\' settings in preferences.
  • Allocate disk space dialog properly shows current capture drive.
  • Disk space measurement works with UNC network paths.
  • Segments can now exceed 2Gb.
  • Fixed seek timing errors introduced in capture files with compressed audio.
  • No longer crashes when running out of spill drives.
  • Fixed crashing problems when using the \'save compression\' option with [No compression] or codecs that are later removed.

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