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VirtualDub 1.6.2


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VirtualDub 1.6.2  Change Log

[features added]
  • Capture: Improved Unicode support.
  • Capture: DirectShow video capture support.
  • Capture: Enhanced volume meter.
  • Capture: Alternate audio resampling mode for reduced frame drops when resyncing.
  • Capture: Audio compression now occurs after resampling for better timing.
  • Capture: Stop hotkeys are no longer system global.
  • PNG images are now supported for read.
  • AVI info tags are now supported.
[bugs fixed]
  • Fixed occasional crash when using DirectX display mode with 8-bit display.
  • Appending type-1 DV AVIs caused the output AVI to have the wrong stream type.
  • Fixed rare junk displays when overlay playback is enabled, caused by selection of overlay formats that the bitmap library cannot support conversions to.
  • Fixed source formatting tags in timeline strings reporting huge frame numbers at the end of the timeline.
  • Fixed garbage when attempting to convert Pal8 to Y8.
[regressions fixed]
  • Fixed slowdown in shuttle commands.
  • 24-bit video depth settings in configuration files saved from 1.5.x were being imported as 16-bit.
  • Fixed crash when switching to frameserver mode.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to finalize AVI file after a disk full or file size error.
  • Fixed expression evaluation errors in scripting language.
  • Fixed intermitted crash in Preferences dialog related to enable links.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to play 8-bit paletted AVI files.

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