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VirtualDub 1.4.9


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VirtualDub 1.4.9  Change Log

[features added]
  • Capture: Added wraparound workaround for 2^31 us (35m) wrap as well as 2^32 us (71m) timing wrap.
  • Added more verbose error messages.
  • Added some PIII instructions to crash disassembler.
[bug fixes]
  • Fixed scanline alignment and invalid format errors in image source reader.
  • Fixed Ctrl-W shortcut for \"Close AVI.\"
  • Fixed title bar not being correct after exiting capture mode [regression in 1.4.8].
  • Temporal smoother now initializes its window from the first frame it receives rather than to black.
  • IVTC no longer drops last 8 or so frames when no audio is present.
  • Fixed deadlock on MP3 audio codecs that report a codec delay of 0 (LameACM).
  • Fixed sfence-related crash and decompression errors in MJPEG decoder [regression in 1.4.8].
  • Fast recompress no longer aligns frame subsets to keyframe boundaries.
  • \"Scan for bad frames\" would sometimes not mark the correct frames.
  • Scene scan sometimes wouldn\'t display the frame it had stopped on.
  • Fixed line of green pixels on right side of frame when using 3x3 TV filter.

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